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Increase controllability

Automotive control technologies help increase machine controllability, regardless of operator skill level. This increased controllability is especially important for off-highway vehicles which are frequently used on uneven, treacherous terrain.

Danfoss has a full portfolio of propel solutions that provide advanced automatic transmission functionality. Resulting in off-highway vehicles that are easier to operate and control.

When the operator presses the accelerator, Danfoss technology allows both the engine rpm and the hydrostatic pump and motor displacement to be controlled automatically. While this feature is convenient, it also keeps the versatility of non-automotive and creep-automotive modes. This simplicity and machine responsiveness reduce the operator skill necessary to operate your machines efficiently. This leads to more optimized performance and a reduction in fuel costs.

Our pre-engineered, pre-programmed propel system functions also provide fast configuration for a broad range of applications. This reduces your time to market - all while enhancing machine performance tailored to your customers’ specific applications.

At Danfoss, we’re ready to provide the systems application expertise and technical support for you. So, you successfully can implement an automotive control solution into your machines.

Enhanced performance features are built in to the AC programming and ready to be tailored to individual vehicle or end use market requirements. For detailed descriptions of each feature, refer to the system description documents for H1 automotive control. Or automotive control on PLUS+1®. Automotive control system options:

  • 4 independent drive modes (selectable via mode switch)
  • Automotive drive modes for work- and transport
  • Constant speed mode for e.g. sweepers, snow-blowers
  • Creep speed mode for digging operation
  • Antistall and engine overspeed protection
  • Integrated vehicle speed limiter function
  • Temperature and oil density compensation
  • Technology and enabler for future emission regulations
  • Integral park brake control e.g. hill-hold function
  • 4 auxiliary outputs
  • Intelligent brake-light control
  • Automatic park brake function
  • Reverse-buzzer
  • System status-lamp
  • Part of the PLUS+1® Family
  • Compatible to all CAN J1939 components on market e.g. displays
  • External safety certification for SIL-2 (IEC 61508)
  • High environmental protection level IP69K
  • Wide temperature operation range -40 to +104°C (-40 to 219F)

Multiple generations of Danfoss electronic control hardware have been successfully used in a wide variety of vehicle applications. Including current PLUS+1® controllers. Our latest AC solution employing a controller integrated on the H1 pump (H1 AC). It has been running thousands of hours on dozens of vehicles of all types, including:

  • Wheel loader
  • Telescopic handler
  • Rotary telehandler
  • Tool carrier
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Truck mounted forklift
  • Site dumper
  • Compactor
  • Specialty transporter

Danfoss' capability to provide easily configurable automotive control transmission systems with embedded electronics for exceptional reliability.

The control system fulfills the requirements according PL c (ISO13849) and SIL2 (IEC 61508).

Automotive control

Automotive control

Automotive control technologies are going to work off road. This is thanks to Danfoss expertise and our extensive portfolio of propel system solutions.

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