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Monitor and manage perishable products

Danfoss refrigeration applications for trucks, trailers, and vans are designed to help monitor and manage perishable products such as foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. This application is one of the most challenging due to wide ranging box and ambient temperatures and the need to withstand extremely harsh conditions with high humidity and corrosive environments within truck, trailer and van refrigeration units.

Our solutions allow for superior control of temperature and humidity, preserving all types of perishable cargo. 

Danfoss components for truck, trailer and van refrigeration systems include compact expansion valves, ball valves, filter driers, pressure switches and regulators, and solenoid valves. Quiet, efficient, DC compressors minimize energy use and Danfoss components are designed for use with natural refrigerants. Additional components such as sight glasses and check valves also enable reliable performance and diagnostics. 

Features and benefits

Products suitable for use with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants

Superior temperature control

High energy efficiency

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

Stainless steel components for higher performance, durability, and reliability

Compact, lightweight components

Product image for DC compressors for mobile refrigeration

Compressors for mobile refrigeration

With our outstanding DC compressors for portable boxes, cars, vans, boats, trucks, etc., Danfoss has transcended the barriers for mobile refrigeration.

Related products

  • The Danfoss direct current compressor for refrigeration applications
    Direct current compressors

    12V and 24V BD compressors are direct current dual voltage compressors for refrigerant R134a. They can be used for both refrigerators and freezers. The compressor is controlled by an electronic unit including protection against overload and destructive battery discharge. It is also available for R600a for stationary use with solar panels.

  • Photo of the Danfoss family of filter driers
    Filter driers

    Filter driers in hermetic design are ideal for commercial refrigeration applications requiring high drying capacity to prevent acid formation in the system.

  • Product photo of the AKS 33 pressure transmitter for refrigeration applications by Danfoss
    AKS 33 pressure transmitters

    AKS 33 pressure transmitters measure and convert pressure readings into a standard signal (4–20 mA). Its robust design makes the AKS 33 suitable for a number of fields, including air conditioning, refrigeration plant, process control, and laboratories.

  • Product photo of the AKS 3000 pressure transmitter by Danfoss
    AKS 3000 absolute transmitters

    AKS 3000 absolute transmitters with high-level signal conditioned current output meet air conditioning and refrigeration system demands for accurate low-pressure regulation. Using the proven piezoresistive measuring principle and a sealed gauge as the pressure reference, atmospheric pressure variations have zero influence on the AKS 3000's regulating accuracy.

  • Product photo of the line of sight glasses by Danfoss
    Sight glasses

    SGP is a series of sight glasses for high pressure applications (Max Working Pressure 52 bar/754 psig). SGP is available in versions optimized for refrigerants with mineral oil e.g. HCFC, and in versions optimized for non-flammable HFC refrigerants. SGP is available with flare, solder and socket connections, and with and without moisture indicators.

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