Enhancing condition monitoring with remote monitoring

Unleashing the power of data

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, effective condition monitoring is paramount for ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of critical equipment. As technology continues to advance, remote monitoring has emerged as a game-changer, empowering users to access real-time data, react early to avoid interruptions, optimize performance, and make informed decisions.

Choose your preferred condition monitoring data interface

Here, we will explore the benefits and features of remote monitoring in relation to condition monitoring, specifically focusing on the capabilities offered by the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service.

Danfoss understands that every user has unique requirements. Therefore, they provide a range of condition monitoring data interfaces to cater to individual preferences. These include:

  • graphical or WiFi displays (LCP102 and LCP103)
  • embedded Modbus RTU, fieldbus options (PROFINET, EtherNet, etc)
  • DrivePro® Remote Monitoring
  • The PC tool VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 with condition-based monitoring (CBM) plug-in/easy start-up

The different user interfaces enable users to conveniently access and interpret the status and data processed by the embedded drive functions.

Enhanced online condition monitoring protection and information display

One of the key differentiating factors in Danfoss's offering is how sensor signals are processed within the drive itself. This not only protects the application but also provides valuable status information through user interfaces. This embedded functionality ensures that users have direct access to critical data, facilitating quick response to issues and enabling prompt decision-making.

How does remote condition monitoring work?

The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service connects to a customer drive through a web browser, which is linked to the Danfoss Cloud. With Danfoss's expert support, cloud-to-cloud integration is easily accomplished, allowing buffered drive data to be seamlessly integrated into any preferred cloud or on-premises platform, such as Siemens MindSphere. This system independence ensures consistent integration into any automation platform, enhancing data accessibility and analysis.

Benefits of an online monitoring system

Immediate alerts and quick response

In the event of a drive fault, users receive immediate alerts, enabling rapid response and minimizing downtime.

Fast access to essential information

Key drive data and parameters are stored in the cloud, providing users with fast and easy access to essential information for troubleshooting and decision-making.

Accurate real-time measurements and analytics

The service provides accurate, real-time measurements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the drives, allowing users to monitor performance trends and identify potential issues before they escalate.

Predictive maintenance planning

By analyzing data trends and patterns, users can implement predictive maintenance strategies, proactively addressing potential failures in key components and optimizing equipment performance.

Troubleshooting support from Danfoss engineers

The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service guarantees access to technical support and expertise from Danfoss engineers, ensuring users have the confidence and assistance they need when troubleshooting complex issues.

Remote monitoring of inaccessible fan motors

At the ‘Beat the Storm’ attraction in Universe Science Park in Denmark, the motors are physically very inaccessible. It is time-consuming to run a physical check of fan, motor, and cables. So, it’s extremely valuable that instead of disassembling the motors to check them annually, they can monitor them remotely for vibration and power draw. Staff can act early to prevent critical faults arising. In effect, the CBM capability acts as an invisible safety net protecting the system from within.

Remote condition monitoring helps you make informed decisions

Remote monitoring services enhance condition monitoring practices, enabling users to access data off-site to make informed decisions. The comprehensive DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service not only provides immediate alerts and quick response to faults but also ensures fast access to vital information, predictive maintenance capabilities, and expert support. By embracing remote monitoring in combination with condition-based monitoring, businesses can achieve enhanced equipment reliability, increased productivity, and ultimately, a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Remote condition monitoring at work in cold room refrigeration

At Rivoira Group in Italy, refrigeration expert Gaudino Refrigerazione uses intelligent Danfoss drives to control compressors in cold rooms for controlled-atmosphere storage of the apple harvest. The integrated condition-based monitoring (CBM) functionality in the drives uses vibrational analysis of rotating components to provide operators with new monitoring and advanced diagnostic functions. The CBM solution is based on the data acquisition and processing capacity of the VLT® drives.

The refrigeration system is also equipped with a customized DrivePro® Remote Monitoring system. Cloud-based technology gives Gaudino Refrigerazione engineers 24/7 access to detailed drive information for 3 applications: an evaporative condenser, a suction separator, and a 15,000 liter inertial and pumping tank for glycol. This capability allows them to monitor, analyze performance, and keep production running while minimizing unplanned downtime. The system promptly sends a warning if a fault arises, enabling the service team to act immediately.

Read more about integrated CBM solutions at Rivoira Group

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