At Danfoss Cooling, our mission is to keep people, products, and the planet cool

Danfoss Cooling offers you its expertise in the development of technologies of today and tomorrow. We provide products and solutions for use in Food Retail, Air Conditioning, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes valves, sensors, electronics, pumps, heat exchangers and compressors, including our pioneering oil free centrifugal Danfoss Turbocor® compressor.

Refrigerants and energy efficiency

Refrigerants for lowering GWP

Our solutions

  • Rooftop units on a commercial building pumping ice cold air conditioning comforting all who walk in its wake. By Danfoss
    Air conditioning

    Danfoss air conditioners are durable, energy efficient & affordable, you will find solutions for residential & commercial air conditioning applications.

  • Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration presented through an animated convenient store with red accents, cause... Danfoss
    Commercial refrigeration

    As a leading supplier within commercial refrigeration our extensive product range enables us to support solutions for anything from transport refrigeration to specialty cooling.

  • Food Processing and Storage equipment in action
    Food processing and storage

    Danfoss helps bring food to the consumers by providing reliable food processing and storage safety technology. Learn more about our solutions here.

  • A can of soda in ice representing food service refrigeration solutions by Danfoss
    Food service

    Danfoss offers a wide range of food and beverage refrigeration equipment to ensure food quality from source to consumer. Find products and tools here.

  • Its golden hour at this unnamed brewery. The sun reflects off the fermentation tank creating a warm glow over the entire brewery.
    Industrial refrigeration

    Industrial refrigeration systems engineered to ensure perfect conditions for food in safe temperature controlled environments, while allowing for improved food safety and reduced food waste.

  • IoT & cloud solutions Danfoss
    IoT & cloud solutions

    Through the VeBox cloud-based infrastructure, the Danfoss Prosa telemetry devices and the electronic controllers, Danfoss provides a complete telemetry & cloud solution to the food and beverage industry, for installation in various types of equipment.


  • Webinar promo
    Press release—Danfoss Launches Contractor-Focused Worksite Productivity Webinar Series
    Friday, May 1, 2020

    The five webinars Danfoss will give contractors the tools to overcome challenges they typically face on the job. Registration is open through mid-June for English and Spanish sessions.

  • A white keyboard with two red buttons. One button has the Danfoss logo, the other button says "Online Learning"
    Five Steps to Your Perfect Workday—an HVAC webinar series for contractors
    Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    Make your perfect workday a reality with Danfoss' webinar series for HVAC technicians and contractors. Hosted in English and Spanish, our webinars cover topics like compressor start-up and maintenance checks, thermostatic expansion valve replacements, proper refrigerant charging, and healthy HVAC performance to help you and improve your skills by learning at home—free of charge. Sign up for our webinars now for and gain the tools to overcome typical jobsite challenges like guesswork, repeat trips for missing parts and unnecessary expenses while creating habits to make workdays more productive.

  • Red Danfoss logo featuring "Engineering Tomorrow"
    Danfoss accepting entries for its 11th annual EnVisioneer of the Year award competition
    Monday, March 9, 2020

    Award recognizes OEMs, building owners, municipalities, contractors, and end users for advancement in energy efficiency, environmental responsibility


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