At Danfoss Cooling, our mission is to keep people, products, and the planet cool

Danfoss Cooling offers you its expertise in the development of technologies of today and tomorrow. We provide products and solutions for use in Food Retail, Air Conditioning, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes valves, sensors, electronics, pumps, heat exchangers and compressors, including our pioneering oil free centrifugal Danfoss Turbocor® compressor.

Refrigerants and energy efficiency

Refrigerants for lowering GWP

Our solutions

  • A tractor trailer driving down the highway representing transportation refrigeration solutions by Danfoss
    Transport refrigeration

    Danfoss provides a wide range of equipment for energy-efficient transport refrigeration. Visit us and learn more about our transport refrigeration systems

  • Food Processing and Storage equipment in action
    Food processing and storage

    Danfoss helps bring food to the consumers by providing reliable food processing and storage safety technology. Learn more about our solutions here.

  • Aerial view of a supermarket refrigeration section
    Supermarket refrigeration

    Components designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system.

  • A can of soda in ice representing food service refrigeration solutions by Danfoss
    Food service

    Danfoss offers a wide range of food and beverage refrigeration equipment to ensure food quality from source to consumer. Find products and tools here.

  • An inside look at Process Cooling system solutions by Danfoss
    Specialty cooling

    Danfoss offers most of the refrigeration components required for process cooling applications. Learn more about the applications and recommended products.

  • Rooftop units on a commercial building pumping ice cold air conditioning comforting all who walk in its wake. By Danfoss
    Air conditioning

    Danfoss air conditioners are durable, energy efficient & affordable, you will find solutions for residential & commercial air conditioning applications.


  • Product photo of the Danfoss AK-CC 55 with ADAP-KOOL technology
    Danfoss introduces new ADAP-KOOL® case control solution
    Monday, January 20, 2020

    Danfoss' ADAP-KOOL® case control solution for food retail applications combines the state-of-the-art case controller, innovative AKVP electronic expansion valve, improved AKS 11 temperature senor, and hearty DST P110 pressure transmitter to drive down costs and simplify design, installation, service, and operation.

  • Red Danfoss logo featuring "Engineering Tomorrow"
    With the DSH 50TR, Danfoss offers largest scroll equipped with IDV technology
    Thursday, December 19, 2019

    The Danfoss Scroll 50TR for chillers is the largest scroll compressor on the market with innovative Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technology, delivering high part-load efficiency and best in-class system reliability while still fitting in a standard footprint.

  • Danfoss logo featuring "Engineering Tomorrow"
    Danfoss revamps medium and large programmable controls and introduces variable-speed VZH compressor management
    Thursday, December 19, 2019

    MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers combine best-in-class embedded connectivity, strong web security, and enhanced performance with improved compressor control logic for VZH inverter scroll compressors to mitigate the most common pain-points when designing connected HVAC systems and smart buildings.


  • calendar
    AHR Expo 2020
    3 - 5 February, 2020, Trade show, Orlando, Florida

    Visit Danfoss at AHR Expo 2020, booth 1501, and explore everything new we have to offer, from our AHR Innovation award-winning products, to our state-of-the-art VLT drives, to our game-changing augmented reality.