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Are you curious about our people and culture? Then you have to meet the people in our teams from the North America Region! In the stories below, you will meet employees from different business areas and hear about how they create an impact every day with Danfoss. Discover why they joined the company, what they enjoy about their jobs, and how they take action for tomorrow, today.

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#We are Danfoss | Employee Spotlight:

Danfoss provides a positive work culture, a great work life balance, good compensation and growth opportunities. It’s because of these benefits that I thoroughly enjoy being at Danfoss and plan to stay long-term. 

Madhura Durairaj, Customer Service Representative
Madhura Durairaj

Meet Madhura Durairaj: Customer Service Representative

I joined Danfoss India as a customer service representative (CSR) in 2011. At the time, I had no clue what Danfoss was all about and it turned out to be a big breakthrough in my career. Danfoss provided me an astounding platform to flourish by giving me opportunities to work with different segments – Drives, Climate Solutions and Power Solutions – as well as different business platforms such as OEMs, projects and distributors/partners.

I left my position to move to Canada in April 2022 and by a stroke of luck, a CSR position opened up with Danfoss in Canada the day I arrived in the country. After completing the interview process, it was truly a moment of celebration when I was hired for the position. I have been working as a CSR all through my career in Danfoss and my favorite aspect of this job is the variety of work. Every day presents me with different challenges and I learn from them. I always see learning as a continuous process which plays a major role in anyone’s career and this role makes learning a quintessential as a part of my daily routine.

Also, I love Danfoss for trusting my potential and giving me the freedom to set my own schedule, as long as I meet my deadlines. Danfoss provides a positive work culture, a great work life balance, good compensation and growth opportunities. It’s because of these benefits that I thoroughly enjoy being at Danfoss and plan to stay long-term. Proud to be a Danfossian, always.

Meet Emma Ward: Systems Engineer, Power Solutions, Eden Prairie

Meet Emma Ward: Systems Engineer, Power Solutions, Eden Prairie

I started at Danfoss in May of 2022 as a mechatronic engineering intern, while studying mechanical engineering in college. I was incredibly nervous at the start, with little real industry experience. However, working on the solutions team was amazing. They helped me work through the onboarding process and answered any questions I had. The team works on solving problems for different projects related to both new technology development and existing systems. I liked the internship so much that I agreed to return the following summer, and eventually accepted a permanent role on the team as a systems engineer following my graduation from Minnesota State University in Mankato.

It was important to me to work for a company with a good reputation. I had known about Danfoss through a family member who worked at a different company and spoke highly of Danfoss. While obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I gained interest in the systems side of engineering. I enjoyed how it was not strictly mechanical, also incorporating electrical and software engineering. After working at Danfoss in the summer of 2022, I started focusing even more on systems engineering. This experience influenced my decision to join a senior design project that was heavily based on electrical and software integration.

I am very much looking forward to what the future has in store. The solutions team has been a very collaborative and supportive group. There is always something to work on, with multiple projects at any given time and new projects always coming in. I am also enjoying learning the software side of systems and am hoping to gain more knowledge and confidence in that area. I enjoy that my job is very big-picture based; instead of focusing on one component, I am concentrating on how all of the parts interact. When I first joined Danfoss, I had very little exposure to the systems and programs I would be working with, but my colleagues were incredibly helpful in making sure I was up to speed and giving me the resources needed to accomplish my projects. I enjoyed the challenge and it made me excited to go to work every day.

The advice I would give to potential or new employees is to be open and willing to learn as much as possible. The employees at Danfoss are incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to help. If there is something that is confusing or unknown, asking for help is the best option. Look to fill in wherever help is needed. Assisting others is very fulfilling and is often one of the best parts of my job.

Meet Simon Beres: Account Manager, Power Solutions

Meet Simon Beres: Account Manager, Power Solutions

I started originally with Eaton Hydraulics back in 2014, then became part of Danfoss when the company acquired Eaton in 2021. It has been a fun and exciting career. As an Account Manager based in Ontario, Canada, I support some of our channel partners in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. I manage the relationship with our partners and communicate their needs to our Power Solutions segment and business units, with a strong focus on cultivating new business and managing existing business.
What attracted me to Eaton originally is also what I enjoy about Danfoss: the focus on innovation, using new technologies to power machinery and offering full solutions to customers to improve their equipment. Every project we work on is different from the prior one, making it exciting and fun to work in our industry.

Representing Danfoss allows me to confidently offer the best solution to our customers. I enjoy being part of the platform designs to support their needs. What drives me is creating the solution as a team, and supporting our channel partners and customers to deliver, troubleshoot, or design what they need.

Working for Danfoss is a great place and allows me to have an excellent work-life balance. Our product offerings allow us to support several industries, and we have the opportunity to learn about all of these industries. The people we get to work with makes it feel like a family, and the possibilities with the three segments provide an endless number of career growth opportunities around the world.

The people we get to work with makes it feel like a family, and the possibilities with the three segments provide an endless number of career growth opportunities around the world.

Simon Beres, Account Manager
Simon Beres
Meet Laura Battle, Software Engineer, Danfoss Turbocor, Tallahassee, FL

Meet Laura Battle, Software Engineer, Danfoss Turbocor, Tallahassee, FL

I started at Danfoss Turbocor in February of 2023 as a software engineer. My department is made up of both software and electrical engineers. On the software side, the team develops products as diverse as firmware for control electronics to front-end GUIs and digital services. It is both unusual and exciting to be exposed to so many different software domains on a daily basis. My focus has been writing firmware for Turbocor’s oil-free compressors. Working with hardware as a software engineer has been quite rewarding. There is nothing quite like making a piece of hardware come alive.

I worked as a teacher for fifteen years before returning to university to study computer science. When choosing a second career, I wanted a role that would challenge me on a technical level and I wanted to work on projects that would have a positive impact locally and globally. I worked at two other companies before landing at Danfoss Turbocor, where I feel like I have met my objectives on both counts.

The compressors that we build are a piece of the sustainability puzzle, and they are helping to reduce energy use and scrap waste around the world. The plant and offices here provide high quality employment to the city of Tallahassee and participate in the surrounding community by hosting school leaders, participating in robotics competitions and working towards our goal of zero waste.

It is easy to constantly learn and grow at Danfoss Turbocor. Not only do you learn more about your own domain, you learn about the compressor as a whole, which challenges you to learn more about the mechanical, aero-thermal, and electrical side of the products. For lifelong learners, this is an exceptional place to grow. The building here is full of engineers working on interesting challenges and building different pieces of the puzzle to create solutions. It is fascinating to see all these diverse fragments from different disciplines coalesce into a singular working product.

I would advise new and prospective employees to take all the learning opportunities that come your way. It’s much more rewarding and fun to get out of your comfort zone!

Pride flag en CPH

We take pride in our people

We want to provide a work environment where everyone feels safe and respected, no matter who they are. In 2019, we hoisted the rainbow-colored flag at the headquarters in Nordborg for the first time and started our journey of celebrating diversity even more. During the Danish Pride Week, we decorated the headquarters and our Copenhagen offices in bright colors. To us, the flag is a symbol of welcoming everyone, celebrating and committing to diversity.

Diverse teams deliver stronger performance, innovation and results

Diverse teams deliver stronger performance, innovation and results

Challenging journeys demand diverse teams. In Danfoss, we are on a digital journey that involves going from several ERP systems to one common IT platform across Danfoss. It is a major task that influences the entire business, and it requires a high-performing, diverse team with a broad variety of competencies from very different parts of the organization.

More than 200 experts with different experiences and skills have been brought together under one roof in Flensburg, Germany, to work on Danfoss' One ERP project. In addition to bringing a crucial package of competencies to the project, the participants also enjoy being part of a team, which consists of 25 different nationalities, representing a wide scale of ethnical, cultural, and educational backgrounds, as well as very different career paths.

Danfoss wants more female leaders

Danfoss wants more female leaders

Diversity of thought combined with an inclusive work culture enables us to unfold the potential in every team, making us more agile and innovative. However, we are not where we want to be: The representation of females in leadership roles does not reflect our organizational gender split, nor the amount of female talent in the world around us.

That’s why we have set ambitious targets to reach 25% female leaders by 2022 and 30% female leaders by 2025. 

We want to break down barriers and assumptions about leadership roles and inspire everyone to achieve their potential. We want it because it is simply the right thing for us to do.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

In Danfoss, we want to raise awareness against bias and take action for equality: An equal world is an enabled world.

The International Women’s Day is yet another opportunity to celebrate our 7.733 female employees in Danfoss across the world by highlighting female role models and focus on gender equality.