AB-PM Automatic balancing valves

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Danfoss AB-PM combined automatic balancing valves ensures a reliable HVAC system with low total cost of ownership. The valve secures perfect balance at all loads by guaranteeing stable flow and differential pressure for each zone. At the same time an actuator can be added to allow individual control of each zone. This provides an exceptional solution in two main applications:

  • Residential buildings (Multi Family Housing) with two-pipe heating systems with distribution systems in front of each flat, such as manifolds for hydronic floor heating
  • Commercial buildings (Shell & Core) where the HVAC systems are established in stages or by different parties.


In case of residential applications, the AB-PM is mostly used in sizes DN10-32, ensuring hydronic balance for each flat e.g. in front of manifold for floor heating installations. The optional connection to a room temperature controller allow feature for each flat such as night setback or holiday mode.

In case of commercial HVAC applications, the AB-PM is mostly used in sizes DN 40-100. The automatic balancing valve can be used in shell & core buildings such as shopping malls or offices, ensuring a reliable heating system for the building owner and tenants. AB-PM is the ideal solution for such type of buildings as staged installation, handover and commissioning often occur. In such cases, the 1st stage is installation of backbone piping without terminal units (responsible building owner). The 2nd stage is the installation of terminal units in each zone (responsible tenant).

The AB-PM ensure the required flow for each zone and maintains the hydronic balance in the system in all conditions and for individual zones either with one or more terminal units.

Features and benefits

Many features in one compact valve

Combined balancing valve for differential pressure control, flow limitation and zone control

Guarantees flow and Δp for each zone

Easy, fast and simple design process

Fast installation and easy setting

AB-PM animated instructions for small DN sizes

Watch animated instructions to see how to install AB-PM


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