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Save time on planning and collecting documentation with Danfoss Heat Selector

The Danfoss Heat Selector is a best-in-class online selection tool that optimizes planning process for heating application experts. The Heat Selector saves time in calculation for product selection and guides you to the recommended product mix for the application at hand. At the same time, the Heat Selector provides you with easy access to all required documentation.

Features and benefits

Make your own calculations on the spot.

Get all the required documentation at once.

Simple, fast and easy to use.

Use only high-quality products.

Find the best solutions for your needs based only on the most recent versions of products.

Store personalized projects and maintain your data.

The Danfoss Heat Selector is easy to use on your phone or tablet wherever you are. A simple graphic interface guides you through the calculation steps. When you have a project just:

  1. Open the Danfoss Heat Selector, insert the required values, and then select the products and accessories
  2. The Heat Selector supplies all documentation such as calculation reports, data sheets, tender texts and instructions to 2D and 3D drawings with options to save it, download it or share it. 
  3. You will also get detailed technical information about the selected products and a price indication. 


Our training videos are designed to elevate your expertise and simplify your Heat Selector journey.
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, there's always something new to discover.


Danfoss Heat Selector

Danfoss Heat Selector

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