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Danfoss SET 365 software

Danfoss SET 365 software

Danfoss SET 365 is a 3D design software for HVAC systems and consists of three modules:

  • Danfoss CH - for Central Heating
  • Danfoss CC - for Comfort Cooling
  • Danfoss H2O - for Domestic Hot Water

Each module can work separately. Each of them will help you to design and calculate the perfect heating, cooling or water supply system using Danfoss products.

We invite HVAC students, designers or other interested professionals to use our software FREE of charge!

How can Danfoss SET 365 software benefit you?

With our software you can make a 3D graphical design of a new central heating, cooling or water system. In addition it can also be used to e.g. check the capacities of the hydronic balancing in existing systems for renovation purposes.

Many different system types are supported: one- or two-pipe heating, two-pipe cooling, four-pipe heating + cooling, vertical or horizontal distribution, radiator or floor heating, terminal units, flat stations, and (hot) water circulation.

An important feature of the program is the possibility of placing many sources of heating and cooling in one project, which is used in the design of four-pipe heating+cooling systems.

Smart software that just does the job

You can size the diameters of pipes, calculate the hydronic resistance for individual circuits, taking into account gravity pressure, resulting from water cooling in pipes and heat receivers. You can also reduce overpressure in circuits by adjusting initial presets of valves.

It automatically takes into account requirements on authorities for control valves, e.g. appropriate pressure drop on thermostatic radiator valves. Also all restrictions about max./min. speed and max./min. flow are checked.

The software is available in a Basic and a Pro version.

The software in the Basic version offers:

3D visualization (editable)

visualization of floor heating loops

integration of various systems (heating, cooling, domestic water) - on one 3D view

result import to DWG file

In addition, the Pro version offers:

All features of the Basic version +

the ability to import building constructions from REVIT

the ability to export HVAC designs to REVIT building constructions


Danfoss offers a 1-year license (365 days) FREE of charge. You can apply for a license by clicking the apply button below.

You'll be linked to a website page of our partner Sankom where you will be able to Apply to:

  • Danfoss set CH + CC basic (package for heating + cooling designs)
  • Danfoss set H2O basic (module for water designs)

Apply for license

After verification of your request you'll be able to use the Danfoss SET 365 for your projects. Training or other support can be provided on your request. 

After 1 year your usage of the software will be evaluated. In case of frequent usage your license can be prolonged.

At this occasion we can also align with you about an upgrade to the Pro version.
In case you are interested in using the Pro version including REVIT import and export, we can offer a reduced price for a 1-year license.