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Have you come across a potential vulnerability in a Danfoss product or service? Or have you discovered a security-related issue that could result in unintended use or unauthorized access? Your input is highly valuable to us!

Please use the form provided below to share as many details as possible. This will enable our engineering teams to quickly validate and address the issue. Your submission will be directly sent to the Danfoss Security Operations team, initiating the necessary process.

Alternatively, you can report potential vulnerabilities or other security-related issues to us via email at If you choose to disclose the vulnerability via email and attach files, please utilize the provided PGP key here.

Before reporting a vulnerability, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the Danfoss Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.

For technical support, please refer to the respective product page.

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If you opt-in, Danfoss will include your name in the Hall of thanks in case you have reported and helped us to mitigate one or multiple vulnerabilities. For more information, please read the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.

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