Remarkable solution for Remarkables Ski Field Queenstown, New Zealand

Monday, August 10, 2020

In recent years there have been plenty of new stories about human and financial costs caused by harsh winter weather. Property damage, increased maintenance expenses, productivity losses, rising of insurance premiums, personal injuries and even worse. Installation of Electric Heating for ice and snow melting ensures a steady solution to address cold weather-related problems. Main purpose Electric Heating is to melt and remove snow and ice from ground surfaces.

The Remarkables Ski Field is one of New Zealands premier ski fields, located at a longitude of 45,05 degrees South, elevation 1 586 m and situated near the North end of the Remarkables Range. The base building has approximately 2 500 m² of heated outdoor patio at a density of 200 W/m². The heating of the patio matches the needs and requirements to prevent the surface accumulation of ice in a modern and highly efficient way.


The Electric Heating system was wired as 22 x 230 V zones and controlled by multiple ECtemp 850 controllers. The controllers work in conjunction the base building BMS system and include a manual/auto bypass control. It enables the operator to select auto, manual on and manual off. This had been a design requirement that permits short notice manual changes in the event of rapidly changing weather conditions.


Snow and ice melting system was installed on the outdoor patio of the base building divided by 22 zones. A mixture of 3 680 W and 4 110 W ECsnow  30T cable elements were fixed to reinforcing mesh which was seated on 50 mm chairs onto which 100 mm concrete slab was poured.

Project Overview:

Project size: 2 500 m²
System output: 200 W/m²
Installed power: 504 kW
Products: ECsnow 30T - 230V 16.8 km
Year of implementation: 2018

Facts about Danfoss Electric Heating:

Electric Heating by Danfoss is energy efficient and environmentally friendly meeting your needs in various applications. It enables you great comfort and convenience whilst ensuring user friendly solutions with lasting effect and highest quality standards.

Electric heating solutions are supported by legislations in key European countries. Directives that are coming in force in the biggest European markets give the green light to the trend: use eco-friendly systems and new materials ensuring energy saving.