The perfect draft beer thanks to the bellow from Danfoss

Friday, June 16, 2023

Annually, Danfoss manufactures 16 million bellows. Most of them go into the iconic Danfoss radiator thermostat. But did you know that bellows are also utilized to ensure freshly tapped beer and the perfect draft beer?

Freshly tapped beer is pure enjoyment for every beer lover, especially at outdoor concerts, in a bar, beer garden, restaurant, or pub. Apart from being aromatic, it should have the right temperature and the right amount of foam. “These properties bottled beer simply does not have,” says CEO at DraftMore Jesper Gram.

Frontline passion for beer and engineering led to inventing the right pressure

According to DraftMore, CO2 pressure is the most common reason for draft beer pouring problems.

“As an engineer my father and the founder of DraftMore started to investigate the possibilities of creating the right pressure. We needed a better solution than manually adjusting the pressure - a system less sensitive to shifts in outdoor temperatures,” Jesper explains:

“In 2003, my father reached out to Danfoss, and they started testing the bellow for beer pressure. Luckily, it worked perfectly for regulating the pressure. Meanwhile, DraftMore moved into the Mads Clausen Entrepreneurial Park in Nordborg where they could fill the bellows at the filling lab.“

Today, the bellows for DraftMore are still being filled in Nordborg.

Optimized dispensing

DraftMore helps bars, restaurants, and breweries to serve better draft beer by guaranteeing the beer always to be correctly carbonated. CO2 pressure depends on the temperature of the beer (saturation pressure). The warmer the beer, the more pressure is needed, and vice versa. Beer is subjected to high variations in temperature, especially in summer, and the pressure ratio needs to be manually adjusted. The wrong CO2 pressure leads to good beer being left in the keg and over-decarbonization.

Next time you order a draft beer maybe the bellow from Danfoss provides the right sensational pleasure of well-poured draft beer served at the right temperature.


DraftMore is the first fully automated CO2 pressure regulator that regulates the CO2 pressure regardless of the temperature. No manual adjustments are necessary, you always pour the perfect beer and minimize your beer wastage.

See how the bellow from Danfoss ensures the right pour of your beer in this animated video or visit



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