An Ideal Field is an integral Part of a Successful Game

Monday, August 10, 2020

For professional and international stadiums, it is required a very high standard of playing surface. Under these circumstances it is important to eliminate risks of poor playing conditions or matches’ cancellation, particularly associated with poor weather conditions, e.g. heavy rainfalls or ice and snow. According to the FIFA’s requirements, the playing fields should be equipped with an underground heating system. 44 stadiums in 16 countries are equipped with Sports Field Heating system by Danfoss.

Electric Heating system is keeping the ground temperature at an appropriate level and helps to maintain good quality of playing field during the whole season. Type of heating cable or mat differs depending on type of grass – natural or artificial one. There’s a wide variety of heating cables/mats and thermostats for installation in football fields and other sport playgrounds.


Helsingør Stadium is a football stadium in Helsingør, the home ground of FC Helsingør, Denmark equipped with an Electric Heating by Danfoss. It has a capacity of 4,500 of which 282 are covered seating and has no floodlights. Following FC Helsingør's promotion to the Danish Superliga for the first time in 2017, the club had to seek special dispensation to use Helsingør Stadium for top division matches. This was granted after the addition of temporary facilities and given the club's plans to construct a new stadium. The first Superliga match at the ground was against Odense Boldklub on 24 July 2017, with a record attendance of 3,984. Another new record was set on 17 September 2017, when 5,308 people watched Helsingør's Superliga match against F.C. Copenhagen.


226 pcs of DEVIheat™ Sport 90S single conductor heating mats were installed under artificial grass together with a field heating control system from Vitani Security.

Artificial field area was divided by two control zones with output calculated according to the technical requirements. It means that system may function depending on requirements of each separate zone or for both of them. ECtemp 330 thermostats with wire sensor were selected for this purpose to be connected via contactor.

Project Overview:

Project size: 7 992 m²
System output: 90 W/m²
Installed power: Area 1: 733,37 kW; Area 2: 38,94 kW
Products: DEVIheat™ Sport 90S - 226 pcs, 360° screen, two cold leads.
Operation voltage: 230 V~
Cable dimensions: Ø 2.5 mm
Conductor insulation: FEP
Outer sheath: PVDF, red
Screen: 10 x 0,25 mm Cu threads
Min. installation temperature: -5 °C
Cold lead: 2*24 m, DSWA, 1 x 2,5 mm²
Year of implementation: 2019

Facts about Danfoss Electric Heating:

Electric Heating by Danfoss is energy efficient and environmentally friendly meeting your needs in various applications. It enables you great comfort and convenience whilst ensuring user friendly solutions with lasting effect and highest quality standards.

Electric heating solutions are supported by legislation in key European countries. Directives that are coming in force in the biggest European markets give the green light to the trend: use eco-friendly systems and new materials ensuring energy saving.