New 100% green KIWI store follows the Norwegian CO2 trend

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recently, the Norwegian Climate and Energy Minister Tine Sundtoft attended the opening of a new store Kiwi in Auli in Norway. The setup by Danfoss and Carrier is a supermarket refrigeration platform using CO2 as refrigerant – a 100% green total store solution. The 1,300 square meter large store expects to save 50% on electricity – a reduction similar to 100 private homes.

The Refrigeration System is the Main Energy Source for Heating Up the Store.

“This kind of transcritical CO2 system on the supermarket scene has enormous potential for recovering heat, far greater than contemporary systems using HFC’s. The recovered heat is primarily used for space and water heating and ventilation,” Refrigeration Expert Frede Schmidt from Danfoss, explains.

In the summer, 200 meter deep energy wells keep the store temperature at a pleasant level. In the winter, the refrigeration system is used as a heat pump. The wells serve as energy source for the heat pump and as storage for surplus energy for heating up the store. Due to heavy snow in Norway the refrigeration system also provides energy for an outdoor snow melting system in the area for loading and unloading groceries. 1,300 square meters solar panels on the roof help cut down the electricity bills by producing energy for lighting and ventilation. Inside the store, LED lighting and natural light help the store achieve additional savings on electricity.

According to Sales Manager Aage Storhaug from Danfoss Electronic Controller & Services, CO2 as refrigerant is a growing trend in Norway and the preferred choice of the store owners: 

“The store serves as inspiration for a lot of supermarkets across Norway. The store managers want CO2 neutral systems, and they are in the lookout for the best heat recovery solution. Fortunately, Danfoss has the best solution on the market to achieve energy savings and energy efficiency. The goal is always to increase return on investment without compromising quality in food retail refrigeration,” Aage Storhaug comments.

Below is based on theoretical assumptions since the store is brand new and recently opened: 

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