Discover why "We Love CO₂"

Yes, you heard it right. At Danfoss Cooling, We Love CO2.

You might think that our devotion is misguided, but we can promise you that our affections are grounded in facts and modern engineering innovations. You see, despite its reputation as a pollutant, CO2 is actually one of the most sustainable refrigerants. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to apply transcritical CO2 systems in all climates – until now. Watch the video to find out why.

Complete Multi Ejector portfolio for all store sizes, CO2 systems and climates

Danfoss offers a full range of Multi Ejectors – covering the needs for all store sizes, CO2 system and climates.

Multi Ejector - High pressure:

The High Pressure Ejector utilizes the energy in the high pressure gas to lift gas from the suction side (MT) moving it to the parallel compressors (IT). This provides a reduction in needed compressor capacity and energy consumption.

  • For CO2 refrigeration systems with parallel compression
  • The best solution for warm climates
  • Optimum for system sizing from 150 kW and up

Multi Ejector - Low Pressure:

The Low Pressure Ejector recovers energy, otherwise lost in expansion, to lift the suction pressure. This reduces the consumption of the compressors.

  • For CO2 booster systems
  • The best solution for warm climates
  • Optimum for system sizing from 40-150 kW

Multi Ejector – Liquid Ejector:

The Liquid Ejector utilizes the energy in the high pressure gas to lift liquid from the suction accumulator. It works in combination with CO2 Adaptive Liquid Management ensuring full evaporator optimization resulting in reduced energy consumption.

  • For both CO2 booster systems and systems with parallel compression
  • Efficient in both warm and cold climates
  • Optimum for system sizing from 40-300 kW
Danfoss CO₂ Adaptive Liquid Management

CO₂ Adaptive Liquid Management

The new CO2 Adaptive Liquid Management (CALM) solution from Danfoss extends the portfolio of solutions for CO2 refrigeration in food retail applications. CALM includes the ground-breaking new Liquid Ejector in combination with the innovative case controller algorithm – Adaptive Liquid Control (ALC) – ensuring optimum liquid management. With CALM, the Danfoss CO2 portfolio offers solutions for all system types, store sizes and climates.

Product range

  • Danfoss CTM Multi Ejector Solution
    CTM Multi Ejector Solution

    The Danfoss Multi Ejector Solution™ ensures that transcritical CO₂ applications for retailers become energy efficient in any climate.

  • AK-PC 782A capacity controller Danfoss
    AK-PC 782A capacity controller

    AK-PC 782A is complete regulating units for capacity control of compressors and condensers in a transcritical CO2 booster system with parallel compressor.

  • Danfoss AK-CC 550A case controller fod food retail applications
    AK-CC 550A

    AK-CC 550A is a flexible case/room controller. AK-CC 550A features energy optimization of the complete case and predefined application types for quick adaptation to different cases or cold room setups.

  • AK-SM 850 system manager - Danfoss
    AK-SM 850 system manager

    The Danfoss AK-System Manager (AK-SM) is a modern solution for the food retail markets. The AK-SM uses the latest technology to provide the maximum benefit to the end user, both in terms of energy saving optimization, control options and user friendly access.

Infographic - How to choose the right Multi Ejector Solution™

How to choose the right Multi Ejector Solution™

3 main factors to consider when designing your transcritical CO2 system with a Multi Ejector Solution™.

Case studies

  • Evaporator injection algorithm
    Selecting the right evaporator injection algorithm makes a world of difference

    Danfoss has pioneered two control algorithms that help you achieve this balance. The Minimum Stable Superheat (MSS) algorithm has been an important part of the Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® offering for years and is still the ideal choice for adaptive evaporator control for dry expansion. Now Danfoss introduces the next generation: Adaptive Liquid Control (ALC).

  • Intelligent and adaptive control in transcritical CO2 refrigeration
    Intelligent and adaptive control in transcritical CO2 refrigeration

    Intelligent control solutions are important for achieving reliable, optimized operation and realizing financial savings and environmental
    benefits in your transcritical CO2 refrigeration solution.

  • Russia’s first transcritical CO₂ hypermarket Danfoss
    Russia’s first transcritical CO₂ hypermarket

    In Voskresensk, Russian retailer Magnit has opened the first hypermarket in Russia using a transcritical booster refrigeration system with carbon dioxide (CO₂) — an eco-friendly and natural refrigerant.