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Temperature sensors that can take the heat

Temperature is playing a vital role in many industrial processes and therefore an accurate measurement is a must. Non-accurate temperatures can cause big fatal consequences such as reducing the lifetime of your equipment if overheated with just a few degrees.

The Danfoss range includes temperature sensors, and transmitters, and helps you make a difference on the bottom line.


Depending on the equipment, different element technologies can be applied, and if required the temperature sensor can be delivered with a transmitter to get an analogue output signal.

Special care has been put into the design of the sensor in relation to the reaction time. On top of this, the sensor construction ensures minimum radiation of heat, which results in a measurement very close to the actual temperature of the media.

Features and benefits

High degree of protection against moisture

Measuring temperatures – 50° C to 800° C

Fixed or changeable measuring insert

Pt 100 / Pt 1000 resistance element, NTC / PTC and Thermocouples

Built-in transmitter available

Available with marine approvals

MBT 3310 temperature sensor

New sensor for measuring bearing temperatures in wind turbines. Aimed at applications where reliability, longevity, and accuracy are crucial.

Training and support

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Product overview - brochure
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Highlighted products

  • CAN sensors DST P92C and T92C Danfoss
    CAN sensors DST P92C and T92C

    New Danfoss transmitters, DST P92C (pressure) and DST T92C (temperature) are now available with CAN interface. The two CAN transmitters offer professionals reliable, robust, and cost-effective solutions for mobile hydraulic machinery used in demanding applications.

  • MBT 3310, bearing temperature sensor
    MBT 3310, bearing temperature sensor

    MBT 3310 bearing sensor is specially designed for measuring the temperature in the bearings on wind turbines.

  • MBT 3270 - Danfoss
    MBT 3270, flexible temperature sensor

    The flexible temperature sensor MBT 3270 can be used in many industrial applications such as: wind power, air compressors, mobile hydraulics and exhaust gas return systems.

  • MBT 3560 - Danfoss
    MBT 3560, temperature sensor with built-in transmitter

    With MBT 3560 we have combined the technology of our standard temperature sensors and the electrical connections from the MBS pressure transmitters with a new developed electronics which has resulted in a compact temperature sensor with a built-in transmitter. MBT 3560 can be used in various applications. 

  • MBT 5250 and 5252, heavy-duty temperature sensors

    Heavy-duty temperature sensors for controlling cooling water, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil and refrigeration plants within general industry and marine applications. These temperature sensors are based on a standardized Pt 100 or Pt 1000 element, which gives a reliable and accurate measurement.