Smart metering data concentrator

SonoCollect™ 110 / 111 is a smart metering data concentrator for energy meter reading. It comes with a standardized wired and wireless M-Bus interface supporting up to 500 meters. Extracted metering data is communicated to the Cloud or other analyzing tools via IP technology.
The wireless M-Bus is offering a new technology compliant to OMS making it possible to capture energy- and consumption data via open communication standards and high security levels. This makes it useful in all present and prospective infrastructures.

Technical data

  • Installation: DIN rail
  • M-Bus Interface: Up to 500 unit loads, auto-scan, compliant to EN 13757
  • Wireless M-Bus Interface: OMS Compliant, AES encryption, auto-scan, Mode: S, T, C
  • Ethernet interface: 100 MB, RJ45, support of IPv6 and IPsec (VPN)
  • GSM interface: Optional, external antenna via SMA-Connector, slot for Mini-SIM
  • WAN connection to server system (push): TCP/HTTP connection (XML)
  • Encryption WAN (server communication): SSL (server- and client-side certification), OpenVPN
  • E-Mail transmission (push): XML data
  • FTP transfer (push, pull): CSV data
  • Integrated web server: Yes
  • Memory for local data storage: ≥ 2 GB
  • Firmware update: Directly or via WAN (Internet)
  • Configuration: Complete remote control via LAN or WAN (Internet)

Features and benefits

Highly flexible – reads non-proprietary standards eliminating complete meter replacements

Easy remotely configuration and updating
– eliminates on-site service

Reading of up to 500 meters lowers the required number of concentrators


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