PLUS+1® Development kit and Training kit

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At Danfoss, we’re committed to offering you the very best services and solutions so you can concentrate on what you do best.

On this page, you’ll find a link to the Update Center as well as a tutorial video to make getting started, easy.

In addition, we want to make it easy for you and your teams to learn how to program using PLUS+1(R) GUIDE. For this reason, we’ve created the PLUS+1 developer’s kit and training kit.


Whether you’re taking an eLearning course or joining us for an in-person training, our training kits will give you hands-on experience, and enhance your learning experience.

All information and program examples to run on the kits can be downloaded from PLUS+1® Update Center. See the instructions below.

Get started:

  1. Please start and download PLUS+1® Update Center from the link above. Make sure to watch the Tutorial (link above).
  2. Start PLUS+1® Update Center, register, and follow the installation instructions.
  3. In Update Center go to “Select files manually” and edit the subscription to only include the Files/Training Kit/
  4. Press the INSTALL button and the package will be downloaded.
  5. In the Storage folder of Update Center ( default location C:\Danfoss\PLUS1\Update Center\Downloads\ ) find the file and unpack the content.
  6. Find the documentation folder in the unzipped package and locate the Training kit PowerPoint file. Follow the instructions in the file. There are also links to a lot of useful videos in the PowerPoint. Make sure to watch them.
  7. You are now ready to go with your PLUS+1® Development kit or Training kit.

Good luck with your software projects and make sure to check out our User Forum and PLUS+1® Helpdesk resources.
See PLUS+1® software – Learn how to improve your applications | Danfoss and especially the section Learning and Support.