PLUS+1® programmable and compliant hardware

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Complete compatibility

PLUS+1® programmable hardware includes all components that can be controlled with a customized application developed in PLUS+1® GUIDE. All programmable hardware files (HWD or PAC format) can be used with the Express license.

PLUS+1® Compliance ties our advanced mobile control technology together - ensuring all our electrohydraulic products integrate seamlessly in the customized control system developed using PLUS+1® GUIDE.

You can be certain a product with the PLUS+1® logo has been tested for complete compatibility with our PLUS+1® programmable hardware using PLUS+1® GUIDE compliance blocks. This feature of PLUS+1® Compliant products reduces your time to market.

HWD and compliance blocks

The HWD files below can be downloaded and installed in PLUS+1® GUIDE through the Install Hardware options in the Setup menu.

PLUS+1® update center

Please use PLUS+1® Update Center to download all available PLUS+1 Tools include GUIDE and Service Tool. Keep up to date with the new releases of tools, hardware description filed (HWD), compliance blocks, libraries, application examples and other PLUS+1 software components.

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