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Higher torque at low speeds

Danfoss Xcel motors offer three-zone protection at a two-zone price point, with less wasted energy and lower operating temperatures. The design dampens pressure spikes in both directions, helping to extend shaft seal life and enhance overall reliability.

  • Technology - Gerotor/Geroler
  • Displacement - 50-495 cc (3.0 to 30.2 cu in)
  • Continuous pressure rating - 310 bar (4,500 psi)

Three-zone architecture at a two-zone price point

Competitive motors are designed with two zones and no case drain. This makes them vulnerable to motor damage and premature failure. Xcel motors have a 3-zone architecture, which dampens pressure spikes in both directions, extends shaft seal life and enhances overall reliability.

Increase efficiency with "same speed" disc valve

Three-zone motors use a disc valve that rotates with the output shaft, improving mechanical and volumetric efficiency.

XL4 and XL6 options now available

Featuring Danfoss' highly reliable Geroler design, the XL4 and XL6 motors include a tapered bearing set to support high sideloads plus a rear disc valve to help maintain high efficiency at high pressures and high torque.


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Brochure Danfoss Xcel series low-speed high-torque motors Portuguese Multiple 21 Mar, 2024 3.5 MB .pdf
Brochure Danfoss Xcel series low-speed high-torque motors Spanish, Castilian Multiple 21 Mar, 2024 3.4 MB .pdf
Brochure Danfoss Xcel series low-speed high-torque motors English Multiple 06 Jul, 2023 6.8 MB .pdf
User guide Orbital Motor A-Delta Technical Information English Multiple 18 Aug, 2023 2.8 MB .pdf
User guide Xcel series motors (EMEA) technical information English Multiple 14 Nov, 2023 26.6 MB .pdf


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