Self-leveling valves

Automatic bucket leveling

Experience true operational simplicity with self-leveling valves from Danfoss. These line-mounted, flow-dividing valves automatically adjust a machine’s bucket or attachment position in response to movement of the boom cylinder. The result is a constant bucket altitude, no matter how much repositioning your task requires.

  • Function - Automatic bucket leveling
  • Rated pressure - Up to 3,500 psi (240 bar)
  • Flow - Up to 20 gal/min (75.5 L/min)

Customize a machine to meet your needs

Our self-leveling valve line features customizable design options, enabling you to tailor functionality to your application’s needs. Features include:

  • Sectional design: Allows the use of up to six sections per bank assembly for maximum application versatility and flexibility.
  • Circuit options: Easily configurable to create custom, multi-functional circuits using optional banking functions such as inlet and work port options.
  • Modular banking design: Eliminates costly fittings and potential leak points.
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