PVG-EX proportional valves

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Reliable in Ex hazardous areas

Our PVG-EX program is an explosion proof PVG designed to be used in Ex hazardous areas like mining and oil and gas industries.

The PVG-EX shares the same features as the standard PVG. It is a hydraulic load sensing (LS) valve designed to give maximum flexibility. From a simple load sensing directional valve, to an advanced electrically controlled load-independent proportional valve.

The PVG-EX modular system makes it possible to build up a valve group to meet the different functional requirements precisely. Furthermore, the compact external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged whatever combination is specified.

Features and benefits

Load-independent flow control:

  • Oil flow to an individual function is independent of the load pressure of this function
  • Oil flow to one function is independent of the load pressure of other functions

Section flow up to 130 lpm [34 US gal/min]

Good regulation characteristics

Load sense auxiliary ports for external adjustment of target pressure

Electrical, mechanical or hydraulic actuation


Up to 12 basic modules per valve group

Several types of connection threads

Compact design and installation

Product range



Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
User guide PVG-Ex 32 128 256 Proportional Valve Group Technical Information English Multiple 01 Nov, 2022 31.1 MB .pdf
Installation guide PVG-EX Installation Guide English Multiple 01 Nov, 2022 25.7 MB .pdf

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