SVS Variant Configurator

SVS Variant Configurator

The new SVS multilevel configurator is faster, more user-friendly, and will help reduce potential errors when configuring SVS products.  It’s accessible today through Danfoss Design Centre to our Distribution customers globally. 

At Danfoss, we continuously strive to enhance and transform the digital experience for our customers and now we are excited to announce the release of our new Spool Valve Solutions (SVS) Variant Configurator. This end-to-end design tool, which is a three-level valve stack configurator, containing valve level, section level and module level, enables the configuration of the PVG proportional valve series. Try it out for yourself today on Design Center

Key features

  • Consists of two configurators: SVS product configurator & SVS spec-sheet validator 
  • Enables the configuration of PVG16, PVG32, PVG48, PVG100, PVG128, PVG256 
  • Request print specification 
  • Request new material numbers 
  • Request 3D models & drawings 
  • Request build center numbers 
  • Automatic validation 


There are two types configurators.

  1. SVS Product Configurator you can configure a valve stack by selecting the features. The automatic validation will ensure the product you configure will work. This is the preferred configurator.
  2. SVS Spec sheet Validator is for the experienced user. With this configurator you can upload a specification sheet as an excel file to get a validated configuration. Only the standard specification sheet can be used.

When using specsheet validator, you do not manually add PVAS anywhere on the specification as the configurator will calculate this for you.

Select the “Valve application” section first. This will make the configurator re-run the rules and often the message will disappear. See image below.

Warnings must be acknowledged before you can make a request. Some warnings require a PAE to check the specification. Others are information that will be automatically processed.

Please reach out to our team using the “Message Danfoss” tool in the first instance. This service and support request will contain valuable information that we can use to better support you as a user. If you have the specification, please also attach that to the message.