Medium-pressure closed-circuit manual piston pumps

Easy-to-operate sealed system

Because bigger isn’t always better, Danfoss' medium-pressure closed-circuit hydrostatic piston pumps offer the perfect middle ground solution for a variety of applications. Get the perfect fit for vehicles using mid-range hydraulic systems with Danfoss medium-duty pumps.

  • Technology - Axial piston
  • Displacement - 41-49 cc (2.5 to 3.0 cu in)
  • Continuous pressure rating - Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Easy-to-operate sealed system

Danfoss medium-duty manual pumps feature self-lubricating, sealed systems that are more responsive and easier to operate.

Flexible end-use design

With infinitely variable input speeds—from zero to maximum, in both forward and reverse—Danfoss medium-pressure manual pumps can be used in harvesting, utility, turf care and other small mobile machines.

Reduce downtime

Danfoss medium-pressure manual pumps use a fluid-linked system which allows for hydrostatic braking. It permits smaller service breaks for more cost-effective vehicle maintenance.

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