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Enhanced materials and design

VQH series pumps are specifically designed for higher pressure and higher speed mobile requirements. With an industry-first intra-vane cartridge design, VQH pumps provide long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability.

VQH Series fixed displacement single and double vane pumps employ a new rotor design that enhances pressure capability and efficiency over the 20th design VQ pumps. VQH cartridge kits are interchangeable with those of VQ series. The VQH also features updated materials and rotor design deliver enhanced pressure capabilities and efficiency.

Industry first and industry best

Widely adopted by the world’s leading mobile equipment manufacturers, VQH series fixed displacement pumps feature an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design for improved efficiency, longevity and serviceability.

VQH pump enhanced features

  • Strong ductile iron housing
  • Improved rotor design to reduce leakage and enhance rotor rigidity
  • Higher pressure and higher performance capabilities

Product range

VQH series vane pump

VQH Series fixed displacement single and double vane pumps employ a new rotor design that enhances pressure capability and efficiency over the 20th design VQ pumps. 

  • Technology-Vane
  • Frame sizes: 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V
  • Displacement – 18 - 193 cc (1.1 to 11.8 cu in)
  • Continuous pressure rating - Up to 241 bar (3,500 psi)


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