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Enhanced Vickers Design

The world leader in pressure capacity and noise levels, Vickers® by Danfoss VMQ pumps provide continuous pressure ratings up to 293 bar (4250 psi) for the 25 frame size and displacements up to 488 cm3/r (29.78 in3/r) with the triple pump version. In addition, further reductions in noise levels of an intrinsically quiet design offer real possibilities in traditional internal gear pump applications.

Outperforming the competition

VMQ series pumps handle higher pressures than vane pumps of similar design. Their unique bi-metallic wafer plate construction allows for increased viscosity and pressure rise during cold start-up – something our competitors cannot provide.

Experience the pressure-balanced difference

The pressure-balanced modular design of our VMQ pumps reduces noise, extends life, and improves serviceability.

Stronger support for a longer life

The VMQ’s unique, bi-metallic wafer plate rib design creates a stronger support plate for a longer life with 10 million cycle qualification. 

Product range

VMQ series vane pump

Our wide range of available displacements and optional through-drive capabilities allow for broader range of applications. The VMQ pumps are available in single, double, or triple pump configurations and utilize an interchangeable cartridge design to lower your maintenance costs and inventory needs

  • Technology-Vane
  • Frame sizes: 25V, 35V, 45V 
  • Rear 25V, 35V
  • Displacement – 10 - 488 cc (0.6 to 29.8 cu in)
  • Continuous pressure rating – Up to 293 bar (4,250 psi)


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