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A simple, but powerful tool

UniqID™ asset tracker easily creates tagging solutions for worldwide use across various applications so that you can create a connected, integrated network on the foundation of six digits.

We understand the need for flexibility, which is why UniqID asset tracker is designed for you to choose the features and benefits that best meet your business needs (while giving you access to more, if needed).

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  • Tie each asset directly into its bill of materials and other key asset information
  • Customize labeling for effective branding
  • Upload and attach pertinent documents, such as test certifications, photos or drawings


  • Capture and store detailed customer information
  • Intuitively add inspection and replacement schedules
  • Run segmented reports to proactively manage your business and increase revenue
  • Leverage a cloud-based mobile app to view information on the go
  • Grant optional editing privileges to your customers
  • Run and export reports at any location level, including a vehicle’s identification number (VIN)
  • Share customer information across other branches


  • Quickly service repeat business with templates and kitting
  • Connect end users to you or your customers for fast reordering
  • Access replacement history

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Danfoss' UniqID asset tracker is a cloud-based tool that can be used worldwide by Danfoss distributors. The UniqID asset tracker was created by Danfoss to label, manage and track products. This tool accelerates replacement time by eliminating the need to physically bring in products to be replaced. While the tool is designed for Danfoss hose assemblies, it is versatile and can be applied across industrial products.

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