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Our complete collection of hose and tube accessory products is designed to ensure your final assembled product is built to withstand even the most demanding of applications. Our accessories include protective items such as abrasion sleeve, heat sleeve, fire sleeve, hose protectors and spacers, and coils and wraps.

Contamination control is crucial during the hose assembly process. Danfoss offers hose cleaning systems to ensure your hose assembly is free of contaminants, and hose capping systems to make sure the assembly remains contaminant free during storage and transit.

Product range

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    Hose Assembly Solutions from Danfoss

    At Danfoss, safety and reliability are top priorities. Our protective hose sleeving, guards, and clamps keep operators and the environment safe from hose failures. Our products are designed for ease of use and durability, and feature innovative safety measures. Choose Danfoss for superior hose assemblies made with our high-quality hose, ends, and assembly machines.

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    Contamination control products

    Ensure contamination control during the hose assembly process with Danfoss hose cleaning systems and CapSeal System. Prevent harmful contaminants from entering your hose assembly ends during storage and transit. Invest in Danfoss contamination control solutions for optimal performance and protection. Available in hand-held and bench mount configurations.


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