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Driving innovation in air brake solutions

For years, Danfoss has been the hallmark of excellence and innovation in the transportation sector. Our Synflex Solstice and Eclipse tubing carry on this legacy, utilizing proprietary thermoplastic materials and pioneering a multi-layered design, setting new benchmarks in the industry. These cutting-edge tubing solutions not only meet but exceed stringent SAE/DOT and DIN/ISO standards, surpassing even the most demanding OEM customer requirements. The EC038 air brake hose, a testament to versatility and performance, delivers exceptional value to the market.

Product range

Air brake hose and tubing family

Air brake hose

Features and benefits

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced flexibility and extension
  • Optimized flow performance
  • UV stabilization and thermoformability


  • Truck and trailer air brake systems
  • Auxiliary air systems
  • Formed tubes (tubing only)
  • Formed and straight air brake harness assemblies (tubing only)
Hose Fittings

Air brake fittings

Features and benefits

  • Seamless integration and reliable performance
  • Durable construction
  • Meet and often exceed SAE/DOT industry standards
  • Offered in various configurations and sizes


  • Commercial vehicles
  • Fleet management
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial machinery


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