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Reliable and precise control with Danfoss Foot Pedals for Off-highway Vehicles

Danfoss Foot Pedals are designed exclusively for off-highway vehicles. Designed to excel in demanding applications, our foot pedals offer you the control you need with the peace of mind you deserve. With adjustable sensitivity and smooth operation, our foot pedals provide precise control over speed, direction, and more. Whether you're operating industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, or construction equipment, our pedals deliver the accuracy you need to get the job done right.

Product range

Related applications

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    Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver the same high productivity every season. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class performance from each machine, and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for their operators.


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    Space is limited on construction sites, and there are people working everywhere. Contractors need machines that can safely maneuver in a tight spot. At the same time they still need to be powerful enough to get the job done. At Danfoss, we deliver the components, software, and controls that enable your machines to run safely, efficiently and effectively.

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    Crane and material handling

    Cranes and other large handling machines are required to operate within very specific load ranges. Danfoss provides pressure transmitters that supply load limiting systems with crucial data, safeguarding your equipment, your load, and your operator.


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