Flow controllers with an integrated control valve have multiple functions integrated in a single product – a motorized control valve, flow limitation and fixed differential pressure controller.

With three functions combined in one valve body, it significantly saves on installation space.

They are used to achieve good control, independent of pressure variations in the system, and offer the opportunity to limit maximum flow in the system. The control valve is pressure-independent and has 100% authority.

In substations with more connected circuits, using a flow controller with integrated control valve enables perfect control of each individual circuit.

It is recommended to place the controller in the return, but it can be also installed in the flow.

Features and benefits

Eliminates pressure variations and provide optimum operating conditions with improved temperature control quality

Made for demanding systems, resistant to corrosion, cavitation and dirt

Connected system is protected against pressure surges, fluctuations, cavitation and noise

Differential pressure and flow controllers in district heating or cooling systems (variable flow)

Balance your network, save energy and improve end user comfort by hydronic balancing and control of district energy networks.

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Can I limit a max flow with a differential pressure regulator?

Yes you can. Open the control valve fully and set the max flow by adjusting the differential pressure. You can also calculate the appropriate differential pressure, but you need to know the exact capacity of the control valve.

We design an installation and need lengths of valves from a project specification.

We produce valves with a standard length. You can also find the measures in our datasheet or download 2D and 3D CAD drawing models from our product presentations. Please go to our product catalog where you will find links to documentation and drawings - follow the below link.

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