VLT® Programmable controllers

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Programmable controllers provide AC drives with advanced control capabilities for dedicated high-end control of key applications.

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  • Easy to fit
  • Upgrades the built-in cascade controller to operate up to 8 pumps and provide more advanced pump control in master/follower mode
  • Supports the combination of multiple variable speed and fixed speed pumps, as well as configurations with pumps of differing capacity (mixed pump control)
  • The additional 7 digital inputs and the 24-V DC connection to the drive enable flexible adaptation to the application. The same cascade controller hardware is compatible with the entire power range up to 2 MW
  • Up to 8 pumps in standard cascade setup
  • Up to 8 pumps in master/follower setup
  • An integrated programmable motion controller adding extra functionality for VLT® AutomationDrive FC 301 and FC 302.
  • Offers easy-to-use motion functions combined with programmability – an ideal solution for positioning and synchronizing applications
  • Synchronization (electronic shaft), positioning and electronic cam control
  • 2 separate interfaces supporting both incremental and absolute encoders
  • 1 encoder output (virtual master function)
  • 10 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • Support of CANopen motion bus, encoders and I/O modules
  • Send and receive data via fieldbus interface (requires fieldbus option)
  • PC software tools for debugging and commissioning: Program and Cam editor
  • Structured programming language with both cyclic and event driven execution
  • Expands the functional properties of the VLT® AutomationDrive in synchronizing applications, and replaces traditional mechanical solutions
  • Speed synchronizing
  • Position (angle) synchronizing with or without marker correction
  • Online adjustable gear ratio
  • Online adjustable position (angle) offset
  • Encoder output with virtual master function for synchronization of multiple followers
  • Control via I/Os or fieldbus
  • Home function
  • Configuration as well as read-out of status and data via the Local Control Panel of the drive
  • Offers a host of user-friendly benefits for positioning applications in many industries
  • Relative positioning
  • Absolute positioning
  • Touch probe positioning
  • End limit handling (software and hardware)
  • Control via I/Os or fieldbus
  • Mechanical brake handling (programmable hold delay)
  • Error handling
  • Jog speed/manual operation
  • Marker related positioning
  • Home function
  • Configuration as well as read-out of status and data via the Local Control Panel of the drive


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Programming guide VLT® MCO 305 Command Reference Guide English Multiple 01 Nov, 2010 1.0 MB PDF
Operating guide VLT® Motion Control MCO 305 English Multiple 26 Oct, 2010 3.2 MB PDF
Design guide VLT® Motion Control Option MCO 305 English Multiple 16 Sep, 2010 9.4 MB PDF
Operating guide VLT® Synchronizing Controller MCO 350 English Multiple 23 Apr, 2007 1.2 MB PDF