ICMTS 50 & ICMTS 80 - Motor operated valves

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New ICMTS 50 & 80 for large capacity Transcritical CO2 systems

ICMTS platform is now expanding to larger sizes to meet an increasing demand of large Motorized valves in industrial design for large scale R744 transcritical CO2 systems.


Simplified design and installation

Operational reliability

Patented balanced design ensuring smooth regulation of low opening degrees and high differential pressures


For use in CO2 transcritical systems. The product portfolio is offered as parts program for major flexibility. Learn more


  • Balanced piston
  • Magnetic coupling – real hermetic sealing
  • In Angle or Straightway
  • DIN or ANSI butt-weld connections and DIN or ASME hard soldering (brazing) connections
  • Operates with Standard ICAD 600 TS


  • Temperature range:
    • Media: -40/+50 °C (-40/+122 °F)
    • Ambient: -30/+50 °C (-22/+122 °F
    • (PED) : -60/+150 °C (-76/+302 °F)
  • Max working pressure:140 bar g (2030 psig)
  • Max openning pressure diferential: 90 bar (1305 psig)
  • Sizes: DN 50(2”) and 80(3”)


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Brochure ICMTS 50 & 80 brochure English Multiple 28 Mar, 2024 2.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet Motor operated valve, type ICMTS 50/80 with actuator, type ICAD 600A-TS English Multiple 24 Jan, 2024 3.1 MB .pdf
Installation guide Motor operated valve, Type ICMTS 50/80 with actuator, type ICAD 600A-TS English Multiple 01 Jun, 2023 1.1 MB .pdf

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