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Danfoss X-Gate provides a flexible solution for translating the most common field protocols into Modbus RTU, facilitating integration to AK-SM 8xx.

Field protocols supported:

  • Modbus RTU or TCP/IP
  • BACnet MS/TP or IP
  • CANBus

X-Gate provides a user-friendly web interface for the full system configuration with access control via account & password and user profile.


X-Gate is an advanced Linux based device with the main capability to translate protocols from a “source of data”and make these data (typically data-points) available for a specific “destination of data”.

The unit can be easily installed into an electrical panel thanks to the DIN-rail mounting design.

X-Gate has been designed with as modular concept and on the main board there are multiple built-in access channels:

  • 2 independent ethernet card to maintain separate and secure the potential two LAN network connected.
  • 1 RS485 port
  • 1 CANBus port

Furthermore X-Gate can accommodate an extra RS485 port as expansion module.

X-Gate provides northbound integration with Building Management System (BMS) by reading the OpenXML from System Manager and translating into: Modbus IP or BACnet IP.

On the Southbound, X-Gate can source data from the common list of protocols:

  • Modbus RTU (or ASCII) or TCP/IP
  • BACNet IP or MS/TP
  • CANBus

On the Northbound, X-Gate can provide data over a common list of protocols:

  • Modbus RTU or TCP/IP
  • BACNet IP
  • SNMP
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