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Drinking water - Desalination solutions - Danfoss

Sustainable desalination with maximum energy efficiency

According to the UN, water scarcity is one of the major challenges facing the world today and tomorrow. The need to find sustainable solutions for new freshwater supplies is urgent; solutions that take the straight road from saline to fresh water at low cost and with minimum impact on climate and nature.

Due to its high energy efficiency and reliability, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) is one of the most sustainable and cost effective solutions for converting sea water to potable fresh water. At the same time, SWRO technology undergoes rapid development to improve energy efficiency and support large-scale freshwater production.

Features and benefits

Extremely low energy consumption

Ultra-low maintenance costs

Simple to operate

Minimal service and long service intervals

Small footprint but effective, compact and light in weight

Danfoss takes lead in SWRO innovation

Danfoss is committed to supporting the sustainable desalination industry with energy efficient SWRO solutions. The product offering includes four core technologies, comprising high-pressure pumps, AC drives, energy recovery devices and pressure and fluid control devices. These combine into highly efficient and lasting water purification solutions that return energy savings of up to 65% compared to traditional centrifugal pump systems without energy recovery devices and drives.

By land, by sea - anywhere

At large scale, reverse osmosis plants are capable of providing freshwater to entire cities while compact solutions are ideal for supplying hotels and resorts, ships, and offshore facilities with clean water.

Desalination of salt water - Danfoss

Today’s challenge – Tomorrow’s opportunity

Water is vital for life. Shortage of fresh water has spurred innovation to find efficient and climate-friendly solutions that turn seawater into fresh, clean water.

Reverse osmosis is the leading technology. It is simple, reliable and requires less energy than other desalination techniques.

Desalination system by Danfoss

Creating a sustainable future with seawater

65% savings on your desalination systems with Danfoss high-pressure pumps, Danfoss pressure transmitters, Danfoss drives and Danfoss energy-recovery devices (iSave) compared to desalination plants with centrifugal pumps and without energy-recovery devices and drives.

Acciona modular desalination plant - Danfoss

Acciona and Danfoss create innovative SWRO

Technologically advanced solutions allowed Acciona to create an innovative sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) modular desalination plant for the Sarlux refinery in Sardinia, Italy, reducing energy consumption compared to traditional solutions.

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    Brine mining and SWRO

    The mining of SWRO brine for valuable chemicals has begun – and has the potential to disrupt the entire SWRO industry.

    In this blog, we examine what makes brine mining interesting for SWRO operators and provide an overview of the key issues that might affect its adaptation.

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    How SWRO on wellboats helps marine salmon aquaculture stay healthy & profitable

    Aquaculture is growing worldwide, and we now eat more farmed salmon than wild-caught.

    Read our latest blog to learn how SWRO plays an innovative and important role in keeping salmon raised in marine aquaculture free from parasites through freshwater treatment on specially built wellboats.

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    Is it time for smarter SWRO maintenance?

    Maintenance of high-value assets is critical to mitigating operational risks. As the SWRO industry evolves, more owners and operators will transition from simple corrective and preventative maintenance strategies and increasingly apply data-supported insights to optimize performance and profits.

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    Renewable energy and SWRO

    The world’s increased use of renewable energy sources has the potential to reduce SWRO’s carbon footprint and increase its affordability and availability.

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    The four global trends that will impact desalination in 2022

    Energy efficiency has a minor impact on SWRO’s CAPEX but a huge impact on OPEX & TCO

  • if (isSmallPicture) { SWRO RETROFITS; } else if (isBigColumns) { SWRO RETROFITS } else { SWRO RETROFITS }
    Retrofits: The key to improving energy and cost efficiency for SWRO’s installed base

    Desalination plants can save money and CO2 by retrofitting older plants for optimal energy efficiency - isobaric ERDs and APP high-pressure pumps are the key

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