Desalination for Marine Applications

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Compact, reliable solutions for SWRO at sea

Marine applications place special demands on their seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) systems.

At sea for days and even months at a time, running out of fresh water is not an option for passengers and crews. Nor are quick service calls in case of malfunction. That’s why operational reliability and low maintenance are key for mission-critical components like high-pressure pumps and ERDs.

Like all other seawater desalination applications, energy efficiency also matters at sea, where every drop of diesel saved is a drop earned. Finally, because space is precious onboard most vessels, compact designs are much preferred to bulkier alternatives.

Danfoss has a decades-long track record in providing the high pressure for marine SWRO applications. Every day across the seven seas, our proven range of APP pumps and iSave ERDs provide unparalleled reliability for vessels of many types and sizes.

Our customers can expect unsurpassed energy efficiency and the most reliable, low-maintenance operation of any comparable solution – all in the smallest footprint on the market.

Features and benefits

Highest efficiency rates in the industry

High reliability is achieved by selecting highly corrosion resistant materials

Simple design ensures low maintenance

Fewer parts and a compact design save space for other purposes onboard a ship

Oil free lubrication eliminates the risk of contamination

Pressure independent solutions offers flexibility when sailing between different waters

Norway salmon fishing industry

50% less energy

By using APP high-pressure pumps and iSave ERDs from Danfoss, the energy consumption was reduced by 50% compared to other SWRO solutions

Private yacht

Innovative SWRO systems

Reliable and efficient APP pumps were the first choice for pumping water at high pressure in innovative SWRO systems

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Case stories