Milk application for modern dairy technology

Modern dairy industry is highly technological and the demands for temperature control throughout the value chain are rigid. In dairy production, end products such as milk, yoghurt and ice cream require precise temperature management to achieve a consistent quality in a safe and efficient way.

The diagram shows some of the critical production phases in which Danfoss solutions help dairies maintain consistently high quality through meticulous temperature control.

At Danfoss we have the experience and know-how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global dairy industry – and we have all the industrial refrigeration solutions to provide our customers with accurate temperature control and a consistent production flow.

When hygiene really matters and corrosion is a serious risk due to the harshness of the environment, stainless steel is your ideal choice for refrigeration systems. Danfoss brings the required competence from developing and producing stainless steel valves for industrial refrigeration for a number of years combined with specialized application knowledge.

With the introduction of the SVL SS Flexline™ line components in stainless steel, you will find a wide range of stainless steel valves. With the high pressure approvals for the products, the stainless steel valve range now covers all modern refrigeration systems, including CO2. All products come with a wide range of approvals.

Features and benefits

Precise temperature control

Stainless steel products for high hygiene and low corrosion risk

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

Fresh milk all the way through

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Dairy Applications - Industrial Refrigeration - Danfoss

Stainless steel products for the dairy industry

In the dairy industry, it is all about hygiene and temperature control. Danfoss offers a wide range of stainless steel components for the dairy industry, including the new SVL SS Flexline™ series of modular line components.


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Application guide - AB Application Handbook - Automatic Controls for Industrial Refrigeration Systems English 17 Oct, 2018 12.0 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Manual de Aplicação - Controles Automáticos para Sistemas de Refrigeração Industrial Portuguese 17 Oct, 2018 12.2 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Manual de Aplicación - Controles Automáticos para Sistemas de Refrigeración Industriales Spanish, Castilian 17 Oct, 2018 12.2 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Manuel d’application - Principe de régulation des systèmes de réfrigération industrielles French 17 Oct, 2018 12.2 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Przykady zastosowa - Elementy Automatyki do Przemyslowych Ukladow Chlodniczych Polish 17 Oct, 2018 12.2 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Руководство по проектированию - Промышленных холодильных систем Russian 17 Oct, 2018 12.4 MB .pdf

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Case studies

  • Sour cream recipe succeeds with ICF flexline™
    Sour cream recipe succeeds with ICF Flexline™

    Eating healthier, more natural foods is a growing trend that delights Daisy Brands - a family-owned, Garland, Texas-based firm that makes the best-selling brand of sour cream in the United States. Known for its "Pure and Natural" recipe using no additives, preservatives or artificial growth hormones, the company recently opened a plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, to expand its national distribution. The continuing success of Daisy Brands is based on a recipe that uses all-natural ingredients -- plus, the technology ingredient of the Danfoss Flexline™ family of motor control valves and control stations.

  • ICF flexline™ valve station application in ice cream factory
    ICF Flexline™ valve station application in ice cream factory

    During a recent refitting of an ice cream manufacturing plant, the application of ICF Flexline™ valve stations from Danfoss led to a significant reduction in production down-time It was estimated that approximately 80% improvement was realized when compared to traditional valve assemblies

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