Saudi's Efficient Tomorrow

Saudi's Efficient Tomorrow

We want to become your preferred Decarbonization Partner.

Our whitepaper lays out new roadmap for decarbonizing cities.

Implementation of existing technology for buildings, transport, and sector integration can bridge half the gap in the urban GHG emissions reductions needed for a 1.5°C pathway.

Cities account for 70 % of global carbon emissions. Ultimately, the battle against climate change will be won – or lost – in cities.

Action is needed urgently to make the changes necessary to enable large-scale decarbonization. To address this challenge directly, Danfoss is today releasing a new whitepaper which sets out a clear, achievable pathway forward to enabling a green transition on a large scale. The paper shows how existing energy efficiency and electrification measures across sectors can immediately reduce emissions and accelerate a green transition in cities.

Roadmap for decarbonizing cities

The whitepaper, ‘Roadmap for decarbonizing cities’, draws upon a diverse range of verified sources, including the latest data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), to demonstrate why action is needed. The whitepaper also shows how that action can be taken, and highlights how the solutions that will enable this are already available.

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