Engineering Egypt's Tomorrow

Egypt's Green Restart

Egypt is an international light house example on transforming 19 cities into low-carbon emissions areas by 2030, tackling the global challenge of sustainable urban development. Three main technology frontiers areas are driving this change as; smart cities HVAC tech, desalination and district cooling.

Building a green and sustainable Egypt

The Green Restart Whitepaper
Go - Green slogan at every turn. Egypt came up with great solutions on sustainable energy, clear air, and water issues. It is truly remarkable to build a roadbook on achieving zero carbon footprint and set an example for others.
Creation of Egypt’s first smart city
Administrative Capital for Urban Development is building the first smart city in Egypt. Danfoss, El Gammal Industrial Systems and Red Sea International supplied variable frequency drives for HVAC systems and water pump systems.

Solutions that count!

HVAC Integration in Almasa Hotel
Almasa Hotel underwent a thorough overhaul in collaboration with Danfoss to ensure guest comfort whilst enhancing energy efficiency, by using a strong, sustainable PICV solution designed explicitly for HVAC heating and cooling.
HVAC 4.0 in the Government of Egypt
The new cash printing house of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is the AUCD flagship project featuring four production lines. Danfoss and PETROKIMA equipped 900 PIBCVs with spring return AME actuators for energy-efficient interior.