Seawater Containerized Desalination plant (SWRO - reverse osmosis system)

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Seawater Containerized Desalination plant (SWRO - reverse osmosis system) is an ideal solution for emergency, temporary, and acute water scarcity situations. This comprehensive potable water solution can be operational within days and is an alternative to fixed-site or stationary desalination plants. 

The production capacity of fresh water of the typical container is up to 2 million liters (2,000 m3 /day). This quantity of water covers the needs of up to 8,000 inhabitants per day.

What is Seawater Containerized Desalination plant

The seawater containerized desalination plants are built inside of metal shipping containers. The container is assembled and fully tested before being delivered with no need for on-site system assembly, pipe work, electrical wiring or mounting of components – simple Plug-and-play solutions. The containers are designed for indoor or outdoor permanent or mobile installations.

What are the benefits of Seawater Containerized Desalination Plant (SWRO)

  • Plug-and-play simplicity: All-in-one solution designed to produce drinking water from a seawater and requires only feed water intake and electricity to begin water production.
  • Deployed anywhere: suited for remote installations and many other applications that do not require purpose-made building facilities.
  • Rapid deployment: many OEMs have ready-made containerized plants in stock; others can quickly configure and build standard or custom solutions. Operational within days.
  • Modular scalability: Available in 40” and 20” versions. Can easily be scaled up or down according to need.
  • Mobile portability: Easy to transport by truck, ship, or helicopter.
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Product portfolio

Danfoss works together with partners who build the Plug-and-play container by providing unique components portfolio: APP high-pressure pumps, iSave energy recovery devices, Drives and sensors.

Years of field-proven success make the Danfoss advantages the best on the market:

  • Market-leading energy efficiency: The best-in-class energy efficiency of Danfoss APP high-pressure pumps and iSave ERDs reduces the OPEX of any SWRO plant.

For containerized SWRO in remote areas, minimizing energy consumption can be especially important due to higher electricity prices and, if off-grid, the use of diesel generators and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

      • Example from case story: Veolia Water Technologies Iberica recently completed a retrofit for Suministros de Agua La Oliva, the municipal water company that supplies Corralejo on Fuerteventura in Spain’s Canary Islands. Built around Danfoss’s APP high-pressure pumps and iSave energy recovery devices, the 2,000 m3 plant reduces the municipality’s energy consumption by 57%.
  • Compact, efficient footprint: Danfoss portfolio for Plug-and-Play solution is unique in terms of compactness and efficiency:
    • APP pumps provide far more high-pressure efficiency per m3 than any other pump type – especially when compared to traditional centrifugal pumps.
    • iSave ERDs’s 3-in-1 design combines a pressure exchanger, booster pump and motor for extremely compact energy recovery.
  • Robust reliability: easy on-site maintenance and the longest service intervals in the industry.
  • Short lead times: Many of the Danfoss APP pumps and iSave ERDs most commonly used in containerized SWRO plants are available for immediate delivery or with relatively short lead times. Be sure to check inventory and delivery times with your Danfoss representative in case of acute scheduling issues.

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For more information please contact:

Claudio Giancotti

Regional Sales Manager SER region HPP

Ph: +39 3316551517


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Para más información, contacte con:

Claudio Giancotti

Regional Sales Manager SER region HPP

Ph: +39 3316551517