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Boston by Danfoss Oil & Petroleum Suction & Discharge EHP530 and EHP531 hose

At Boston by Danfoss, we understand the critical importance of safety in oil and petroleum transfer operations. That's why we're proud to introduce our latest innovation: the EHP530 and EHP531 hoses.

Advanced Antistatic Properties for Enhanced Safety

Our EHP530 and EHP531 hoses are designed with advanced antistatic properties, ensuring complete safety during petroleum, oil, and gasoline transfers. Compliant with ISO 8031 standards, our hoses provide superior protection against static discharge, safeguarding your operations and personnel.

Versatility and Reliability for Industrial Needs

With dual functionality for suction and delivery, our hoses offer unparalleled versatility across oil platforms, fueling stations, storage tanks, and other industrial applications. Whether you're transferring oil, fuel, or gas materials, you can trust Boston by Danfoss hoses to deliver consistent performance and reliability.

Key Features:

100% antistatic performance through innovative inner tube construction and copper wire braiding- Ω /m < 106 .

Suitable for both suction and discharge applications, providing versatile functionality.

Consistent pressure performance across different hose sizes, with EHP530 handling pressures up to 10.5 bars and EHP531 up to 20.7 bars.

EHP530 hoses are available in sizes ranging from -12 to -192, and EHP531 hoses are available in sizes ranging from -16 to -128

High chemical compatibility with various oil types and petroleum, accommodating up to 50% aromatic content.

Dual transfer tape and embossed laylines for easy identification, simplifying replenishment and reducing errors.

Enhanced flexibility compared to other products, facilitating easier handling and assembly.

Highly reinforced construction with twin embedded steel helix wire and two crossing link copper wires for hose grounding.

Resilient outer cover crafted from NVC blend rubber, ensuring durability against ozone and oil.

Experience the Boston by Danfoss Difference

Join industry leaders worldwide who trust Boston by Danfoss for their oil and petroleum transfer needs. Explore our range of innovative hoses today and elevate the safety and reliability of your operations. Contact us to learn more!

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