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As the official opening conference for AGRITECHNICA 2019, it’s the perfect way to start your visit by learning about the latest developments, innovations and trends to take shape in agriculture.

Danfoss Power Solutions will share three technical presentations. 


Methods to evaluate steering performance

Methods to evaluate steering performance of agricultural tractors

Søren Liljenberg

Friday 8 November, 15:00

Farmers want faster tractors, which poses increased safety concerns. A higher level of steering control is necessary in order to ensure operator safety. However, it’s difficult for design engineers to test and evaluate steering performance under high-speed conditions.

This presentation will outline new testing methods — using high-speed test tracks, steering robots and biometric tests — that can better quantify operator effort for high-speed steering maneuvers.


Presenter bio:

Søren Liljenberg is Steering Sales Manager at Danfoss Power Solutions, where he’s worked his entire professional career. He held positions as a Sales Development Manager, a Key Account Manager and a Product Management and Business Area Manager for Sensors Technology. Liljenberg earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and his Engineering Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark.

Front loader

Optimization of tractor front loader

Optimization of tractor front loader for improved design freedom and increased operability

Thomas Heegaard Langer

Saturday 9 November, 09:00

OEMS are looking to improve operator comfort and productivity. For agricultural equipment specifically, tractor front loaders present a prime opportunity to improve machine design.

This presentation will showcase a comparison study of a tractor front loader with and without operator assistance features performing typical agriculture application tasks. It will also outline how to measure the impact of these features for yourself, as well as how to overcome design restrictions when implementing sensors and control schemes.

Presenter bio:

Dr. Thomas Langer is Market Development Manager at Danfoss Power Solutions, focusing on development of new product and solutions for the agricultural mobile machine market. Before his time with Danfoss, Langer held positions at Volvo Cars and Hydrema. He earned both his doctorate and master’s degrees from Aalborg University, Denmark.


Overcoming design challenges

Overcoming design challenges of electro-hydraulic steering systems

Tom Rudolph

Saturday 9 November, 14:30

Electro-hydraulic steering solutions provide a lot of great benefits for farmers. Auto-guidance improves productivity and enables controlled-traffic farming, variable steering ratios improve operator comfort, and four-wheel steering sets a new standard for machine maneuverability. However, these solutions can be difficult to design, deploy and test.

This presentation will provide a practical tool chain to support agricultural machine manufacturers, which includes guidelines for selecting sensors, hydraulic components, steering inputs and safety solutions.

Presenter bio:

Tom Rudolph is eSteering Sales Director at Danfoss Power Solutions. Prior to his current role, he worked as a Product Portfolio Manager at the Denmark location, an Application Engineer at the United States Location, and as a Technical Support Engineer at the Denmark location all at Danfoss. Rudolph received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.