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150 years of excellence. Engineering tomorrow.

We are experts in fluid conveyance. For decades, we have led the way in solving complex problems that set the standard for our industry. Now, as part of Danfoss, our legacy brands are ringing in a new era with full end-to-end system solutions, strong distribution channels, and strategic support from a team with deep expertise. It’s innovation for another generation. Get a glimpse of tomorrow at







Our hoses have history

With a rich history dating back to 1940, Aeroquip has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the hydraulics industry for over 80 years. Established by a visionary German engineer, Peter F. Hurst, the company revolutionized the industry with detachable hose fittings for aircraft brake mechanisms. Aeroquip became a leading provider of fluid power solutions during WWII, and the brand grew through several acquisitions, eventually merging with Vickers to form Aeroquip-Vickers under the TRINOVA umbrella. Today, Aeroquip by Danfoss produces premium hydraulic hoses and fittings that exceed industry standards for pressure, temperature, and abrasion resistance. With Danfoss' power, Aeroquip is embarking on a new era of innovation.

Founded in 1919 by Albert J. Weatherhead Jr., Weatherhead quickly gained momentum when it claimed the origins of hydraulic brake hose assemblies back in the 1930s. Recognizing the growing demand for hydraulic hose assemblies, Weatherhead developed innovative reusable and crimp-style hose couplings, eventually becoming the market leader in both the aircraft and automotive sectors. Through a series of acquisitions and innovations, Weatherhead became an industry powerhouse, developing the T400 hose crimper in the 1960s, a tool that revolutionized the industry. Now under Danfoss, the Weatherhead by Danfoss brand of high-performance rubber hydraulic hose, fittings, and couplings continues to lead the market in commercial and off-highway sectors such as construction, mining, agriculture, truck, and bus.

Danfoss offers a two-tiered product approach to fluid power applications. Premium hoses and fittings exceed industry specifications for pressure, temperature, abrasion resistance, and impulse life. Winner products offer an economical solution that meets the specification. Winner's legacy dates back to 1964, building a strong brand on solutions that meet industry standards for pressure, temperature, and abrasion resistance while remaining economical. In 2005, Winner was made a sub-brand in hose, fittings, and adapters globally. Now, as part of the Danfoss family, Winner offers even greater value to customers with global distribution and comprehensive engineering support.

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company, founded in 1870, was a true market pioneer in manufacturing rubber-lined woven hose. Boston's machine to produce hose, developed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, serves as a basis for this type of machinery even today. Boston grew its business, becoming a leading provider of fluid conveyance solutions. Now, under the name Boston by Danfoss, the brand's 150-year legacy of performance and reliability continues. Danfoss' strength and dedication to quality build on Boston's legacy, allowing the brand to provide enduringly popular, high-performance industrial hoses that exceed industry standards for OEMs and aftermarket service companies worldwide.

With over 60 years of experience, Synflex has established itself as a leader in thermoplastic technology, producing hose solutions that cater to even the most unique and demanding applications. Synflex's innovation is evident in its history, with company founder Samuel Moore developing thermoplastic hose in the late 1940s, pioneering applications such as air-brake tubing, beverage hose, and paint-spray hose. Now a part of the Danfoss family, Synflex continues to provide customers with material expertise, offering modified standard materials to achieve specific performance traits. Synflex's portfolio includes thermoplastic hydraulic hose, air-brake tubing, beverage dispensing solutions, and subsea hydraulic and blow-out prevention products.

Polimer Kauçuk, now known as SEL by Danfoss, began in 1957 in Istanbul as a small family manufacturing plant, providing high-quality industrial hoses at an economic price point. In two decades, it became the leading manufacturer in the domestic market and expanded overseas. In 2002, Dunlop Industrial Hose chose Polimer Kauçuk as its sole supplier, which led to manufacturing hose brands for many other firms alongside its own SEL brand. Today, the SEL by Danfoss brand produces a complete range of low-, mid-, and high-pressure industrial and hydraulic hoses that meet or exceed industry standards, all produced sustainably at the Danfoss Çerkezköy plant, one of the largest hose manufacturing facilities in the world.


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Interactive Digital Catalog

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