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The growing world population and urbanization creates an ongoing demand for more infrastructure and mined resources. Danfoss offers a large wide range of solutions for mining equipment, even in some of the most challenging production environments. With the addition of the D1P pump to our Open Circuit portfolio, we can provide more options for the toughest mining applications. The D1P pump can be paired with the PVG valves, along with other Danfoss products to meet the needs of your machine.

Roadheader Hydraulic systems

Drive system: It’s possible to automatically adjust D1P pumps displacement and pressure output according to the required flow and pressure of the drive. When the drive system pressure is too large, the power control function can be used to protect the motor and prevent motor overload.

Work lifting system: D1P pumps pressure compensation and load sensitive control can provide the necessary flow and pressure according to the working state of the cylinder, to achieve high efficiency and save on energy.

Material handling system: Use D1P pumps paired with CLM low speed high torque hydraulic motors for the material handling function.

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