Reel Green: Danfoss hose reel recycle program

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Danfoss Reel Green reel recycle program helps us and our partners reduce our environmental impact.  In addition to the environmental benefits, there are also cost savings as recycled materials can be repurposed, reducing the need for new resource procurement.

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Join us in a path to a greener tomorrow

Learn how to recycle Danfoss hose reels through the exclusive Danfoss Hose Reel Recycle program.

What will you gain by participating?

  • Carbon reduction impact
  • Resource conservation
  • Meet sustainability goals

Who is it for?

  • Distributors of Danfoss
  • Only Aeroquip, Weatherhead, Winner and Boston plastic reels accepted
  • All US States (except Hawaii and Alaska), Mexico and Canada

Danfoss uses around 300,000 hose reels a year. Recyling these reels could save 96.62 tons of CO2 annually.

Six simple steps to recycle your reels

Please follow the procedure outlined below. To set up a pickup, please call or email Saia at: 1-800-851-2851, email address: (U.S., Canada and Mexico only). Also, please follow the reel disassembly instructions to prevent damage to reel components. 

Shipping Notes:

  • Weight - please take care to give Saia the correct weight. If the shipment needs to be re-weighed and it is off more than a few pounds, we are charged a re-weighing fee.
  • No reel returns are to be made from the states of Hawaii or Alaska, or from any offshore or export locations.
  • Do not utilize any shipping containers wherein the weight of the containers themselves exceeds the return reel shipment weight.
  • Our preference for packaging is for you to use cartons or boxes (stretch wrapped and/or banded to pallets.)


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Shipping Forms

Please use the forms provided here for your reel return shipment.

Return Reel BOL Form

Return Reel Commercial Invoice