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Crawler cranes

The development of intelligent crawler cranes have high demand for precision, operator comfort and reliability. With the addition of D1P pumps to our Open Circuit portfolio, we can provide more options to meet what you need. D1P pumps can be packaged with high efficiency bent axis motor H1B and high reliability close circuit pumps to provide a complete hydraulic solution. D1P pumps also can be combined with Danfoss’ own Editron electrical motors and high flow proportional Valves PVG 128/256 to supply solutions for electrical drive crawler cranes.

Crane systems

Winch: Use D1P pumps to provide flow to H1 bent axis motors for winch function. Electric displacement control allows you to adjust the displacement of pumps with an electric current; pressure compensation control provides protection for the pump and the hydraulic system.

Propel: Use D1P pumps paired with H1 bent axis motors for the propel function. Hoisting work and propel functions are not actuated concurrently, eliminating the need for a dedicated propel pump in the circuit. The higher flow ratings of the D1P pump allows you to use a single pump for your whole system.

Slewing: Use Danfoss high power close circuit pump S90/H1P to paired with H1F motor to realize slewing function.

Electrical solution: Use Editron electrical  motors to replace combustion engines as prime mover to pair with D1 pump and High flow Proportional Valves PVG128/256 to provide flow to all functions.

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