The perfect match for flexible performance

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The perfect match for flexible performance

The Perfect Match for flexible performance

MVB10 offers a unique synergy with Danfoss PVG16 and PVG32 through an available interface module that allows the two products to be used in combination while using common hardware. This capability unlocks a new and compelling potential for tailor-made solutions that can match exactly the increasingly demanding hydraulic controls market.

Features and benefits

Flexibility to match the valve selections exactly to the machine performance requirements

Sections can be added, removed, or interchanged based on the machine options

Available pressure reducing interface allows both products to be used at the full catalog rating

Designed to integrate together seamlessly to reduce start up time

Both the MVB10 and PVG are available from Danfoss build center partners allowing for rapid solutions to the most demanding applications.

The match

MVB10 Modular Valve Block

MVB10 Modular Valve Block

Danfoss has a range of modular HICs developed to match 40 years of experience in HIC and cartridge design with today's market request of compact and flexible solutions. The Danfoss MVB10 system is designed for the electro-hydraulic control of mobile machines for performance up to 80 l/min inlet flow and 210 bar working pressure.

The modularity concept enables machine developers to create flexible hydraulic control solutions with standard components, ensuring the best speed to market is achieved with a high quality product. Moreover, MVB10 is completely configurable, allowing end customers to apply standard, cost effective solutions in applications

PVG32 and PVG16 proportional load sense valves

PVG32 and PVG16 proportional load sense valves

The PVG family of load sense work function valves have provided the highest-level of reliability and flow precision for over 35 years. Both PVG32 and PVG16 provide a unique combination of optimized functionality and precise flows up to 130lpm at 400bar 

Controls include manual, analog and CANbus actuation options compatible with most common machine control system. Together the PVG32, PVG16 combined with MVB10 provide customers a complete hydraulic system proven performance results for medium to lower HP applications requiring both precision and economic solutions.  

Pairing MVB10 and PVG

Common hardware and mounting surface makes it simple to optimize even the most challenging applications.