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The perfect match for precise control

The perfect match for precise control

Building machines for today’s demanding applications require high performance and efficiency, in development and on the job.

By pairing the Danfoss PLUS+1® JS1-H joystick with our MP1 closed circuit axial piston pumps, OEMs can optimize performance and help customers build the most productive machines for their customers with reduced commissioning time.

Plug-and-play - The joysticks and pumps are delivered from the factory with pre-programmed control applications designed specifically for use with the MP1 pump saving time and cost to commission

Simple set up - No laptop or voltmeters required

Precise control of the machine function and flow from the MP1 pump

No programming required, but enhanced features can be programmed using the PLUS+1® service tool or PLUS+1® GUIDE

Backup alarm and neutral start functions included

The control algorithm in the JS1 joystick has been purpose-built for our MP1 pump, having the start, and full stroke values factory loaded to save time and cost to commission. Together, the JS1-H and MP1 pump are a Perfect Match!

Also, both the JS1 and MP1P are available from Danfoss partner build programs or base model programs, reducing OEM’s time to market.

The match

JS1 heavy duty joysticks

JS1 heavy duty joysticks

The JS1-H family of heavy-duty joysticks provides you with a wide portfolio of ergonomically designed, modular components, all fully compliant with the PLUS+1® toolbox. 

The flexible design brings intelligent joystick solutions, which provide safety, reliability, and performance. These ensure every job is done efficiently, well, and in perfect comfort for machine operators.

With the newly created JS1 “RO” software option, the joysticks are ready to plug and perform with Danfoss pumps.

MP1 closed circuit axial piston pumps

MP1 closed circuit axial piston pumps

The Danfoss MP1 is the next evolution in closed circuit axial piston pumps. No matter what industry you serve MP1 pumps offer the performance needed for today's small- to medium-sized equipment.

MP1 pumps are available in four displacements 28, 32, 38, and 45 cc/rev which come in two different frame sizes. The 28,32 displacements are in the small MP1 frame size and the 38,45 displacements are in the large MP1 frame size.