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Application expertise

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Digital Tools

Virtual testing

Virtual testing – Real effect

Our virtual testing capabilities help us to deliver better solutions in less time – and to provide fast and strong support in the field. As a customer you can collaborate with Danfoss to develop intelligent vehicle concepts and robust software even before the machine is assembled. Together we explore your machine’s system performance on our virtual ADC under realistic loads in a 3D environment. Are you already moving fast on the journey of virtual testing yourselves? Ask your sales representative for digital twins of our components which you can use in your simulation engines!

Model based design and virtual testing of Software

There is an ongoing trend for systems and applications to become more complex, while the demand for customization, optimization and functional safety increases. Model-based design and virtual testing are powerful tools to face these challenges and to ensure high SW quality and system performance while shortening development time.

Virtual Application Development Center (vADC)

Danfoss has been using simulation, model-based design, and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing for years and is a strong partner for virtual system development and software test.
With the Virtual ADC, we take the next step toward a fully virtual 3D environment for interactive driving tests. The Virtual ADC combines real-time models of Danfoss products and application software with a dynamic 3D vehicle model and digital copies of our actual application development centers’ test tracks. Customers can benefit directly in joint development projects, by customer model export, or via Testing-as-a-Service.

Digital Twin Concept

Compared with traditional vehicle tests, virtual testing can be integrated much earlier into the development process, offers a much more flexible, accessible and safe test environment, and enables the use of automated testing and tuning routines.
At the heart of system simulations are digital twins of Danfoss products verified with laboratory tests. Please contact your sales representative for a Danfoss digital twin.

Application development center (ADC)

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