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Hôtels : -25 % sur la facture d´énergie grâce aux solutions Danfoss

Hotels: Save up to 25% from the energy bill with Danfoss solutions

Danfoss offers proven technologies to make hotels efficient and more comfortable by managing heating, cooling and ventilation systems in an optimal way.

Read our brochure to find out how Danfoss can help you to save energy in your hotels.

Danfoss can help you save energy in your newly built hotels or renovation projects

We deliver the most advanced and efficient technologies to support smart use of electricity and water, reduce running costs and environmental impact, and deliver superior comfort to guests. Danfoss solutions make hotels performance remarkable – proactively managing energy usage and maintaining a healthy, comfortable and productive living environment.

Product range

  • Turbocor - Danfoss

    Danfoss is the leading manufacturer of oil-free compressors and is the pioneer of the Danfoss Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor for the HVAC industry.

  • Compressors for air conditioning and heating - Danfoss
    Compressors for air conditioning & heating

    Compressors for air conditioning, providing enhanced comfort, efficiency and sustainability for rooftops and chillers, commercial applications with refrigerants R410A, R407C, R134a and R22.

  • Differential pressure control valves
    Differential pressure control valves

    Differential pressure control valves provide a dynamic balancing solution for HVAC applications. The valves eliminate pressure fluctuations occurring in variable flow systems, such as two-pipe radiator systems, at partial load conditions. These types of valves can also be used in floor heating and comfort cooling applications.

  • NovoCon® S and M Digital Actuators - Danfoss
    NovoCon® Digital actuators

    With NovoCon® Danfoss revolutionizes the way hydronic balancing and HVAC control work together. The first of its kind digital HVAC actuators are directly connected with a Building Management System (BMS). This enables System Integrators to design state-of-art, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

  • Danfoss Thermal balancing valve MTCV
    MTCV with CCR2+

    MTCV Thermal balancing valves provide a dynamic, temperature based, balancing solution for drinking water applications. Combined with the CCR2+ a smart and energy-efficient electronic control solution for monitoring and disinfecting DHW systems is established.

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