Painting our way to productivity

Friday, December 17, 2021

With the very strong orderbooks that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the potential bottlenecks that can exist in our factory operations comes near the end of the line – the paint line to be exact.

Earlier this year, Danfoss Power Solutions announced capital investments of 100 million euros that will fund a series of improvements throughout our global production operations.

In our production facilities in Neumünster, Germany; and Ames, Iowa, U.S., those investments have been earmarked for significant upgrades to the painting lines that will help DPS better serve its customers.

Soon up and running in Neumünster

Roughly one hydraulic pump or motor every minute. That’s what the new 1,200 m² painting line in Neumünster will be capable of handling. That’s twice as many as the factory’s existing painting line.

The process includes automatic rinsing, drying, and a special nano pre-treatment before the robots activate their paint sprayer nozzles. This pre-treatment makes the paint stick better and turn very durable and corrosion resistant once fully dry. 

“This is a clear benefit for customers – and a competitive advantage for us,” said Niels Maag, Director, Operations Services. “The new line is the most expensive single investment in our factory’s history. I am convinced that it will prove its worth down to every cent.”

In Neumünster, the man overseeing the specification, installation and start-up of the new line is Jacco Hansen, Process Engineer – who has assumed a tremendous responsibility, considering he’s just 26 years old.

“I think it was a bold move on the part of Danfoss to offer me this opportunity,” said Jacco. “But I felt up for it and received support and advice from helpful colleagues along the way.  It was a chance to help solve a big challenge. I am happy and proud that the project seems to have turned out a success.”

Painting pumps in Ames

Jacco’s next big challenge is the new painting line in Ames, where he will serve as the engineering project lead on the installation of a similar, but even bigger pump painting line.

“This is what I like most about Danfoss – that you are given the opportunity to grow and handle important tasks,” said Jacco.

The new painting line project in Ames is now just beginning and scheduled to run for about two years. When up and running, it will allow the local production team to better serve our distribution partners in North America with more consistent delivery times for pumps produced as the Ames plant.